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Meet Erik Bergman, who paid $900k for Great.com – DNW Podcast #182

Erik Bergman has great plans for Great.com

dnw-podcast Imagine this: you’re bidding in your first domain name auction. You’re traveling and are at a hotel in Iceland with poor internet connectivity. There’s a domain name you really want but the reserve is at least $1 million. Suddenly, your screen shows a $500,000 bid. You bid the next increment at $600,000. Within a matter of seconds it escalates and you place a $900,000 bid. Then, crickets. You have to wait to see if the seller accepts the bid because it’s below the reserve. They do!

That was Erik Bergman’s experience earlier this year when he bought Great.com for $900,000. Today, Erik gives a first hand account of buying the domain name. More importantly, he explains why he bought this great domain name…to do great things.

Also: GoDaddy expired domain change, .App’s early success and more.

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  1. Michael Roth says

    I want to build a company that makes money to give it all a way, in the spirit of charity. So I bought a domain for US$ 900K.

    I don’t get it at all.

    Some .Org for registration fee and that US$ 900K could have gone a really long way in Ghana and other such places in Africa and elsewhere.

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