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Who is Clarivate?

Company registers a couple dozen domain names for a company called Clarivate.

It appears that a company might be rebranding as Clarivate.

An unknown company registered a bunch of domain names including the term clarivate and typos of it yesterday at brand registrar MarkMonitor. Also, the domain name Clarivate.com appears to have been transferred to a new owner at GoDaddy. It now has whois privacy.

My first thought was that Bayer and Monstanto might change their name after merging because of names like ClarivateLifeSciences.com and ClarivateResearch.com. But it appears the full company name will be Clarivate Analytics because of registrations such as clarivateanalyticsinc.com.

Another hint might be the domain name onexclarivate.com. ONEX is a private equity firm.

I couldn’t turn up anything from trademark searches and looking at other domains that might not have privacy.

Here’s the full list of domain names. Any thoughts?

  • claravate.com
  • claravateanalytics.com
  • claribate.com
  • clarivat.com
  • clarivatanalytics.com
  • clarivateanalysis.com
  • clarivateanalytics.net
  • clarivateanalyticsinc.com
  • clarivateanalyticsinc.net
  • clarivateanswers.com
  • clarivatecorporate.net
  • clarivateinc.com
  • clarivateinc.net
  • clarivatelifesciences.com
  • clarivateonex.com
  • clarivateresearch.com
  • clarivatescience.com
  • clarivatesucks.com
  • clariveat.com
  • clearivate.com
  • clerivate.com
  • f*ckclarivate.com
  • onexclarivate.com
  • wwwclarivate.com
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  1. Steve says

    The moniker could be a spin-off of a Pharma, or a name for new drug to launch (depression, ADD, anxiety, etc)

    I helped name lots of well-known pharma brands (15 years ago)

    Typically, a list of potential names would get narrowed from 40 to 4 for surveys, test groups — these names would either get trademarked or registered with variations —- of the word —

  2. domain guy says

    Interesting including f@ck and sucks prefixes. A well thought out plan It appears analytics has a big focus in the list. I would venture this is a preliminary list to a prospective client with focus groups and meetings to follow. Once a name is selected a tm application will be commenced. Maybe a big data firm?

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