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A Report from China – DNW Podcast #71

What are people in China saying about the domain name market?

Domain Name Wire podcastTom Jennings, Director of Business Development at Snapnames, just returned from a trip to China, including the CNNIC conference. On today’s episode, Tom discusses what people in China are thinking about the current state of domain names there, and if they’re bullish for the future.

Also: ICANN’s new boss, Verisign’s opening brief, and Donuts deals with MPAA.

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  1. Doug Andrade says

    I’ve seen the trend that there’s increasing interest in the 5L.com chip domains. They’re becoming increasingly hard to come by, but theres a few domain generators out now that let you sort by number of letters. The first one that comes to mind is http://flamedomain.com, but I know there must be other.

    I’d like to know your opinion on 5L.com chips?

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