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DomainApps to eliminate content sites, become just a parking company

Company created to challenge domain parking is now just a domain parking company.

DomainAppsIt has come full circle.

DomainApps, which came to life as WhyPark and an alternative to domain name parking, will now become just a parking company.

The company sent an email to customers this morning stating that it will discontinue content sites effective October 1. Instead, DomainApps will “continue to monetize your domains with our top-tier advertising partner, bringing you the highest revenue possible.”

In 2006, WhyPark came onto the scene and billed itself as an alternative to flagging domain parking revenue. The system created (mostly) auto-generated content sites on domain names. That worked for a while, until Google caught on and didn’t give good rankings to the sites.

Domain name parking company Parked.com acquired WhyPark in 2009. In January 2012, WhyPark changed its name to DomainApps. Parked.com then shut down, and DomainApps essentially took over standard domain parking for Parked.

Now DomainApps will just offer domain parking.

The only constant is change…

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  1. chad folk

    Parking is hard to beat in terms of ease of use, set up, performance and management. Doing content across large amount of urls is hard if your using methods, systems and models that are 5 plus years old and not getting any Network Effects. Thats why we have been building out a solution that takes advantage of them both with VNOC/Contrib and DomainPower/Bidtellect.

  2. Alan Dodd

    It’s a massive pity. They deserve kudos and thanks for the effort.

    Parking is good for the short-term (even still); disastrous for the long-term.

    This has to be made to work – before it’s too late.

  3. itsmeyall

    I’m wit da other guy i said at least they tried to offer up sumtin’ creative and different. Seems that the other culprit is the mentioned search engine rank bias but probalby some visitors liked the auto content more than ads

  4. bradymoritz

    I just checked my old account today and it has a bunch of parking templates which all say “trafficz” on them… did they partner with trafficz for their feed? But trafficz was taken over by bodis, so I have no idea what’s going on…

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