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Trending keywords in .com: Gay, Zone, Buzz

Used, Gay, and three keywords matching new TLDS make the list.

Verisign has published its monthly “trending keywords” report, highlighting the keywords making the biggest jump from the May to June in .com domain name registrations.

“Used” was number one for the month. According to Verisign DomainView, there was a big spike in “used” domains registered or renewed on June 30. Over 1,700 .com domains were registered/renewed.

The Verisign trending chart only takes into consideration new registrations, which can’t be filtered on DomainView. But also keep in mind that “used” falls into other words, like conFUSED and focUSED.

Gay was the #5 trending keyword. It probably would have been higher if it weren’t for strong registration numbers in prior months.

I find it noteworthy that three of the trending keywords are also new TLDs: Zone, Buzz and Education.

Here’s the complete list:


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