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Khloe Kardashian demands her .com domain name

Better late than never, a Kardashian files request for her .com domain name.

Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star and sister of Kim Kardashian, has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of KhloeKardashian.com, demanding that the domain name be turned over to her.

The case was just filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The domain name was registered in 2007. It’s unclear who owns the domain name because its Whois record is protected by a privacy service.

KhloeKardashian.com does not currently resolve to a website, but has been parked at some point. It’s also listed for sale on GoDaddy’s domain name marketplace.

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  1. marshall says

    Her name was available to her as is anyone’s name. Whoever bought and parked her name is working in the free market and moved before anyone else.
    That person owns that Domain name. If she wants it, she should have to buy it from the current owner.

    • marshall says

      She should lose because it is the right thing and elites should not have more, or less justice than any of us, regardless of how anyone feels about the family.

  2. Domainer Extraordinaire says

    I bet the revenue is miniscule and the owner would have been elated with a $1,000 offer.

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