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Cheap domain names are spammers’ favorites

New report shows that spammers love some of the cheap new domain name options.

Spammers churn through a lot of domain names. As soon as deliverability sinks with one, they move on to the next.

That might explain this chart in Architelos’ June NameSentry Abuse Report:


The bulk of improper use of new top level domain names is spam, and this chart shows which new TLDs are being abused the most.

See a pattern here? All of the big ones are cheap domains. In fact, all of the domains on this chart can be picked up for $2 or less at some registrars (although some only through limited time specials).

If a spammer needs to cycle though 1,000 domains this week, paying $2 per domain vs. $8 makes a bit difference.

You can view the entire NameSentry report here (pdf).

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  1. Joseph Peterson

    Within the domain forums, at any given time over many years there have been a few wanted ads requesting domains in bulk – generally around $1 apiece with a minimum of 3 months remaining … and no criteria at all related to domain quality or topic.

    Now that so many nTLDs are offered in that same price range, I’ll hazard a guess that those wanted ads have evaporated.

    Much more efficient to buy arbitrary domains in bulk if you can cut out the human discussion!

  2. Acro

    It happened in the past with $1 dollar .info domains. Plenty of promotions to choose from recently, I’ve received a dozen or so spam emails with .Work registrations that were free recently.

  3. Chowder

    Mind & Machines is causing some damage by giving them away for free.

    .Work was already a great extension.. affordable, meaningful, short, and can be used in a various number of ways. I hope the free .Work promotion ends soon.

    • John

      I guess you must have a lot of .work domains
      I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t have any of these new crappy domains so i don’t have any problems

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