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Roasting Coffee & Selling Flowers with Bill McClure – DNW Podcast #19

Bill McClure explains his web business strategy.

Domain Name Wire podcastBill McClure has run a number of successful online businesses, including a couple he sold to FTD for millions of dollars. In this episode, learn about how he develops businesses on great domain names…and whether owning the .com domain name matters.

Bill has also passed along a coupon code that you can use on his sites Coffee.org, Bouquet.com and Coffee.club. Just use coupon code DNW by Valentine’s Day to save.

Also: Record breaking domain name sales, the state of .com, GoDaddy’s latest patent applications and .Buzz on Wheel of Fortune.

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  1. M. Menius says

    Congratulations to Bill. Very sincere and likable guy. It’s an inspiration to hear someone speak with so much enthusiasm for what they do! Enjoyed the interview.

  2. KC says

    Thank you Bill for generously sharing your experience with domain names from an end user’s standpoint. Very insightful. All the best to your business! I tried missellie.com but it did not resolve. Miss Ellie is found on Coffee.org. Are you not actively promoting the Miss Ellie as your corporate brand?

    • Bill McClure says

      KC., great comment. We had over 300 coffee sites, including Miss Ellie’s plural and single. Google was confused. Today, the domain goes to a special page on the coffee.org site. Bill

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