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Donuts and Rightside release 6 new domains on Wednesday

…And they’re some of the better domains released so far.

Remember the good ole’ days of the middle of 2014, when mega-registry Donuts would release four of five new top level domain names every week?

Well, they’re back. For one week, anyway.

Donuts will launch four new domain names at “regular” pricing this week after the conclusion of their early access phases: .business, .network, .immo and .pizza.

.Business and .Network are interesting because they are long-form versions of the existing TLDs .biz and .net, respectively. Donuts has priced them competitively — you should be able to find them for under $20 each.

I think .business will do really well. Donuts’ .company domain, for a comparison, has about 35,000 registrations.

.Immo (abbreviation of the French term “immobilier”, meaning real estate) is priced in the next highest tier, and .pizza is one higher than that.

Rightside launches .Auction and .Software at regular prices starting on Wednesday, too. Expect to pay around $30 for a one year registration. I think these are two of Rightside’s strongest TLDs to date.

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  1. Dk says

    More interesting that they are all at regular pricing, they are not charging premium. And considering that donuts is pretty greedy, it is saying something.

  2. Matt says

    .immo is short for “real estate” in a lot of languages, not just French. Notably German (immobilien) and many latin languages (Italian, Spanish, etc.). Should be a good one!

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