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Amazon.com trademark might tip off plans for new top level domain names

Trademark application covers registry services related to selling domain names to the public.

Amazon.comWhat does Amazon.com plan to do with top level domain names it is the registry for? Does it still plan to earmark them for just Amazon.com’s use? Is it just for defensive purposes? Or will it promote them to consumers?

We don’t know much, but a recent trademark application provides some possible hints.

Earlier this month, Amazon filed an intent-to-use trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for “Amazon Registry Services”.

The goods and services description contains a laundry list of offerings, including some that wouldn’t apply to a registry that doesn’t plan to promote its domain names to consumers:

retail services for domain names; providing information concerning listings of domain names for sale by others; conducting auctions of domain names for sale;…consulting services for setting up, management and compliance activities relating to domain name registrars

I’m not inclined to read too much into the trademark filing, as it makes sense for Amazon to cover every possible service related to running a registry. Still, it could be a sign that Amazon is getting ready to promote domains like .spot and .buy as alternatives to .com.

The company recently started offering domains to customers via its Route 53 service.

Should Amazon.com go all in on selling domain registrations, it also has a patent for selling and leasing domain names.

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