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Expired domain report: Mangos, Drones and more

Over 200 expired domain auction prices in this week’s Expired Domain Report.

In a parallel universe, I would be typing this article from a Mango computer rather than a breed of Apple. Still, mangos have proliferated on this planet beyond Darwin’s definition of success. “Mango” trademarks abound for products / services as diverse as beauty salons, audio recordings, fertilizers, lead generation, secured access cards, language instruction, and baby strollers. Maybe one of those “Mango” brands — or any number of others — will end up owning Mango.net, which reached $6k at GoDaddy Auctions last week.

Along with MagicalFruit.com ($120), technology spreads and evolves too. One conspicuous symbol of tech progress during the past few years would be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a.k.a. “drones”. Drones are a splendid way to kill Pakistani civilians without a declaration of war, and Amazon has attracted news coverage for its plans to deliver merchandise by drone to customers. As consumers begin shopping for drones of their own, online reviews gain importance. No surprise, therefore, seeing DroneReviews.com reach $3k…

Once technology is absorbed by society, the lingo used by early adopters can become antiquated. We’ve seen the “www.” vanish from domains and browsers. Teens these days were born into the “world wide web”. So, while parents might refer to kids as “cyber teens”, those teens would probably find the designation dated. Back in 1996, some of those parents were teenagers themselves; and if they visited CyberTeens.com at the time, they’d have found a cutting-edge website. These days, I’m afraid, that 18-year-old brand name CyberTeens.com ($2.8k) can only be plausibly used for porn, targeting a libidinous older generation that still “surfs the web” or dials up “cyberspace”.  Plants, technology, and connotations are constantly evolving.

OnlineWebDirectory.org is equally dated but also redundant, lengthy, and in the wrong extension; so its $2k sales price must be based on residual back links. Time to put some outdated domains in moth balls up in the Attic.net ($650)!

ScienceCentric.com fetched a decent retail price, as did DomainsWorld.com (both $2.1k). Domainers rarely pay up for domains about domains. While I like this one, I prefer the non-resolving singular: DomainWorld.com. As for Robar.com, I wouldn’t call it a steal; but $2.3k would be quite affordable for established companies like RobarGuns.com or RobarIndustries.com. (At first, I assumed a Spanish-language site with tips for burglars. Probably not the right idea.)

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
Mango.net 6000 DroneReviews.com 2960
CyberTeens.com 2750 Robar.com 2300
ScienceCentric.com 2125 DomainsWorld.com 2080
OnlineWebDirectory.org 2025 58388.com 2000
KHEM.com 1880 UKMortgage.com 1725
KeralaNews.com 1596 CrowdForce.com 1570
DistributedCreativity.org 1525 Prefixr.com [sic] 1525
BirdLife.com 1480 EquinePost.com 1400
PrivateCareGivers.com 1170 Erigami.com 1050
ABCPartyRental.com 1025 NegenWeb.org 1009
SprainedAnkle.com 942 Cliczune.com 890
Snomtn.com 890 SparkleAndHay.com 805
HamQuick.com 804 YourOwnSite.com 761
EnvisionCentralTexas.org 726 BrokenLeg.com 725
720 Kleintastic.com 710
00DU.org 710 Syara.com 680
VH5.com 660 Attic.net 650
eDroid.com 620 DailySMS.com 611
HYLI.com 610 JoeHahn.com 610
NoonSolar.com 597 GanjaOrder.com 580
XWWX.com 565 SynthMan.com 565
565 CurrentJumbo
eContractorBids.com 531 BreakThrough
NewsMia.com 511 Letianyizi.com 511
UtekCorp.com 510 BikeToWork2013.org 502
Ghoti.com 490 TownOfPennington.com 480
457 WFRT.net 455
StCharlesChill.com 455 TootsAndThe
YouBranLe.com 452 ColumbiaCityPaper.com 420
PamelaZone.com 405 Xensei.com 405
IraqRailways.com 405 RFS-Finance.com 400
XICY.com 395 PrintableCalendar
InvestorsWatchDog.com 390 HappyVeggie.com 380
359 ITCoders.com 355
LongWeekendMobile.com 355 U9B.com 355
Pacific2012IMC.com 353 VT0.com 352
Calendar-Us.com 351 BeaufortRegional
GoForDesign.com 340 TopDatingReview.info 334
326 JobMarketing.com 322
TheIvyRestaurant.com 306 TheHopHaus.com 306
SEO-Gurus.net 305 OCLU.com 305
IllGen.com 305 AvidInfo.com 305
Chip-InFarm.com 305 LimeCircuit.com 302
WapVideo.info 301 Meidekan.com 301
TenMoves.org 300 Pieres.com 300
BMGCivilWar.com 300 Cusecar.org 295
InnerX.net 293 UHOY.com 287
CamdenRedCross.org 285 LangstonBlack
WVFV.net 265 GrooveAsia.com 265
DotNet101.com 262 TheWallInMyHead.com 256
ElegantCars.com 255 PDXPHP.org 255
PeckLife.com 255 OHSO.co 255
WarrenMiller.net 255 Guntersville
LaVerdadTaqueria.com 251 SoundSleeping.org 250
UnderTheSun.cc 249 AviationFuelClub.org 245
BigFatFishCo.com 245 RayBook.com 242
GreenRoadTech.com 240 DM900.com 235
JPWL.com 234 TallTara.com 230
NYFreelancers.com 230 BatangasNow.com 227
NTSCBlog.com 225 BacklinksMass.com 225
Toledo-Opera.com 223 SoulGamer.com 215
TanabeUSA.com 215 EcotourismBlog.com 215
FusionLinux.org 214 E1Q.com 206
DogCrates-4Less.com 205 WhittierStreet.org 205
SDECali.net 205 ArtHouse
FindMeGuilty.com 205 KoreanBlogList.com 205
Pigiame.com 204 IMFPC.org 203
LFCE.com 201 QuitDoingIt.com 195
K9Alliance.com 192 TheKeyAlliance.org 192
H7O.com 192 SlowStates.com 190
UltraOrganizer.com 190 GreatBloomers.com 188
188 NENewMexico.com 180
177 NickySestesPark.com 176
DealDivine.com 175 JaredStika
171 CoveredWagon
MountainAnnies.com 165 FrostInk.com 165
QuillMouse.com 165 DVDMallOnline.com 165
FlatTopsByway.com 165 FCPSports.com 165
MyLifeMyTown.org 162 SteeringWheel
CustomProgrammer.com 160 GetGVOD.com 160
BridgeRealEstate.com 160 Pancutkanisteri.com 156
NonoReviews.info 155 CulturEuro.info 155
Pinnn.com 155 WindAway.com 155
GreatCareerPlan.com 155 SoloTreni.net 155
150.info 153 ArtisMundus.net 151
StressTest.net 151 62936.com 151
62581.com 151 HoseFeet.com 126
PhotoDome.com 125 LearnToWheelie.com 125
PetHabitats.com 120 MagicalFruit.com 120
EpicMag.com 117 PLXM.com 113
107 OMSPress.com 105
WorldDental.org 102 Edgewards.com 101
T-esque.com 100 BlackFitnessBlog.com 95
92 HawaiiRestaurants.org 80
WebMissions.com 80 DebtRepair.org 74
03627.com 61 GreenCommons.org 57
55497.com 47 34718.com 35

Prices diverge widely when it comes to 5-digit .COMs — as low as $35 and as high as $2k during the same week. In between, most of this last week’s items fell in the lower ranges ($47, $61, $151 at GoDaddy). Numerous backorders are placed on numericals each week at NameJet, most going no higher than the minimum $59 or $69. But in past weeks we’ve seen higher at both venues.  DropCatch.com currently has three 5-digit and three 6-digit .COMs in multi-bidder auctions, as well as a 4-digit .NET.  Since they only have 42 auctions, that’s 1 out of 6.

Several 3-character .COM sales appeared this week: VH5.com ($660), U9B.com ($355), VT0.com ($354), and H7O.com ($190). Chemistry’s not my strong suit, but I don’t think those atoms add up. Neither does 00DU.org at $710. That’s a .ORG, and those are zeros. Anybody with any explanation?

This past week, I was struck by the number of expiring domains related to African Americans. LangstonBlackFilmFest.org was named in honor of poet Langston Hughes and goes back at least as far as 2004. Hopefully they’re still going strong under a shorter domain name. AfricanAmericanOpinion.com ($188) makes sense for polling or consumer research. BlackFitnessBlog.com ($95) is a head scratcher, though. Muscle has no skin color.

EcotourismBlog.com at $215 is a promising buy for a worldwide industry. Other bargain purchases include DebtRepair.org ($74), which is a good TLD choice; PetHabitats.com ($120); CustomProgrammer.com ($160); and a shippable product, SteeringWheelSkins.com ($162). StressTest.net ($151) applies to an expensive process critical to engineering safety. InternationalAccreditation.org ($92) may be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 syllables long, but it’s really an irreducible 2-word topic — and an important one. The .COM also expired, but I didn’t see the auction price. Apparently less desirable, the .NET received no bids.

Pigiame.com ($204) probably targets the Kenyan classifieds site, Pigiame.co.ke. SoloTreni.net ($155) is Italian for “just trains”. LaVerdadTaqueria.com ($251) isn’t just a taco stand; it’s “the truth”. I suppose WindAway.com ($155) could be flatulence medication, windbreaker jackets, retractable cords, or wind turbine protest groups. No idea which.

NameJet’s $4.7k domain ADEA.com may apply either to dentists (based on the .ORG) or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. IndustryWatch.com ($3.5k) is a solid brand name for research-driven institutional investors. FreeTrades.com ($1.1k) would be a great inducement for individual investors to sign up for a service — day traders especially. AmericanAngel.com ($193) applies to investors of a very different kind … or to philanthropists.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
ADEA.com 4655 IndustryWatch.com 3500
Task.co 2766 MYAC.com 2650
TheServer.com 2188 EcoWood.com 2160
AVenda.com 1750 UDOO.com 1726
Venue.org 1437 FreeTrades.com 1121
Vasily.com 1009 RiverOak.com 958
BeeFarm.com 921 BeautifulDresses.com 911
MKUltra.com 898 StudyWorks.com 898
DiamondConnection.com 898 UKCTCS.org 810
UseTech.com 721 Napil.org 720
ReelWorks.com 680 iHeartFashion.com 620
BeerTravelers.com 580 AndrosLighthouse.com 560
CarolinaGrowl.com 511 87598.com 503
HominidViews.com 501 RCFN.com 460
FoodAddicts.com 450 SkateCentral.com 433
SafeHavenMinistries.com 411 HATF.com 410
ChildrensMRC.org 399 ZLight.com 381
MegaTraffic.com 343 Underground
WestStock.com 300 Vatex.com 290
ZAIK.com 285 Ziros.com 218
SportwettenLive.com 210 LuckyValley.com 205
AmericanAngel.com 193 TheBudgetGraph.com 190
RowDesignStudios.com 189 BeautyCares.com 175
DownEastHealth.org 153 WifeSwap.org 133
NitroCars.com 125 BoatingAccesories.com [sic] 95
OMJM.com 89 PVGS.com 81
ValueIndia.com 71 DrunkHorse.com 70

TheServer.com ($2.2k) begs to be used. Task.co ($2.8k) follows the pattern of short dictionary words selling in .CO. BeeFarm.com ($921) ought to appeal to bee keepers. Venue.org ($1.4k) is a great brand name for the performing arts. For that purpose, .ORG is entirely appropriate. Other strong brand names include StudyWorks.com ($898), MegaTraffic.com ($343), UndergroundMarket.com ($310), and Ziros.com ($218).

FoodAddicts.com ($450) seems like a good buy to me. It’s probably a genuine condition. But with epidemic obesity, a massive number of people would prefer to view themselves as food addicts rather than exercise. Dieting is a $20,000,000,000-per-year industry in the USA, and there is always money in flattery.

Last week’s best domain purchase, in my opinion, was AVenda.com. That’s Portuguese for “for sale”. At just $1,750, this domain was a true bargain. Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world — surpassing Russia, Canada, India, and Australia.

P.S. If you want to LearnToWheelie.com ($125), I’d begin with Mitchell and Webb.

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