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German domain name .Reisen tops Donuts’ launches with 2,262 registrations

Domain buyers go traveling with .Reisen.

Donuts launched another four domain names into regularly-priced general availability yesterday.

Based on overnight zone files, which don’t include a full day, .Reisen was the most successful launch.

.Reisen, German for travel, got 2,262 registrations. That brings its total with sunrise and early access to 2,262.

.University and .Toys received about the same number of first day registrations. .University added 1,136 to reach 1,340 and .Toys added 1,125 to reach 1,320.

I suspect university will take off over time as universities learn about it. There’s also broad appeal to corporate training programs, online courses, etc. However, its market will always be smaller than .college.

.Town (unsurprisingly) lagged the others, getting just 516 registrations. It now has 589 domain names in the zone file.

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