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What domains Microsoft, HBO and others bought last week

HBO buys a potential show-related domain other end user domain name sales.

Sedo sold $1.2 million worth of domain names last week. That seems to include about $200k from the Chinese IDN auction it held in China a while back.

Here are some of Sedo’s sales to end users. You can see previous lists here.

RDH.com $29,000 – RDH Building Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver. They’ve been using the longer acronym domain name RDHBE.com.

RiverSoftware.com $25,000 – this domain is under privacy but it’s clearly an end user purchase.

Flipcart.cn 5,000 EUR, Flipkart.pl and Flipcart.nl 3,500 EUR each – Flipkart, a sort of Amazon.com for India.

TrueToTheEnd.com $1,998 – HBO, perhaps for True Blood?

Greentube.pt 1,750 EUR – Online gaming company GreenTube.

Autoland24.de 1,299 EUR – Autoland Deutschland

DisabledHolidays.co.uk 1,200 GBP – Travel tour operator Discovery Holidays Ltd.

Catasys.com 900 GBP – Catasys, a health management service focusing on substance abuse. It uses the longer domain CatasysHealth.com.

Nube.co $1,500 – Microsoft. Nube is Spanish for “cloud”. Microsoft doesn’t own Nube.com. UDPATE: Microsoft is listed on the whois for the domain, but has been for a long time. It seems perhaps that they’ve sold it but it hasn’t transferred yet.

Sexpectations.com $3,680 – Lab test company Quest Diagnostics. We’ll have to see what they use this one for!

PhotosUnlimited.com $1,000 – Bankrupt photography company CPI Corp. There’s chatter about Photos Unlimited and CPI here.

EldoradoResorts.com $3,799 – Eldorado Resorts LLC in Nevada

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