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.Club and two Chinese new top level domains have about $500k in premium sales

A few top level domain names have sold an impression amount of premium domains prior to general availability.

Here are three new top level domain names to keep an eye on: .Club, .在线 and .中文网.

.Club Domains is an “all-in” registry, meaning it has only one new TLD to offer. The company raised $7 million and spent a decent amount in a contention set auction for the domain. Still, it has millions of dollars to spend on marketing. For example, it has paid for prominent positioning on GoDaddy’s home page.

As of yesterday, .Club has sold $481,388 worth of premium domain names. A bunch that just came across Sedo’s sales list were sold to a construction firm in Ft. Lauderdale. Some big brands are getting involved, too: MaryKay bought beauty.club and makeup.club.

Given the growth of subscription based products, I expect .club to do really well out of the gate.

Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), both offered by TLD Registry, have combined for over $584,000 worth of premium domain sales since landrush started March 20. That includes a live auction held in conjunction with Sedo that sold $182,000 worth of domains. It doesn’t include over 20,000 domains bought by the Chinese government.

Given the domains sold to the government, these domains should jump onto the new TLD leaderboard as soon as they enter general availability. In fact, they’re already in the top 20 and general availability doesn’t even start until Monday.

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  1. Philip

    They look like they’ll be mega successful with that sort of initial interest and internet penetration in China rapidly increasing.

    The biggest one in chinese dotShopping is yet to hit. Thatll looks like its going to be a tsunami of a domain.

    • Philip

      Havent had any surprises myself. Its been pretty transparent for most people i know whove registeted for the new domains.

      Theyre pleased to be embracing the new internet landscape rather then be left behind. The same forward looking mentality of the original .com pioneers actually

      • JZ

        yawn, you are such a pr robot. i have to laugh every time i hear ‘new internet landscape’ or such buzz phrases that mean nothing. its 2 words separated by a dot. every single domain in these new gtlds already exists in .com.

        • Philip

          Keep saying that to yourself. The rest of us will move forward with these changes rather then trying to hold back the tide 😉

          • jZ

            in other words..none. such amazing opportunities are passing you by with each gtld release! i don’t even believe in them yet i’ve bought more than you. that speaks volumes.

          • Philip

            JZ I just couldn’t be bothered replying to you if truth be told. I’m glad you’re seeing the light though 😉

          • jZ

            right, i forgot you’re only here to spin pr. that’s you’re job. you probably had no real interest in domains before getting it.

          • Philip

            Not at all JZ. Its just that I can recognize when a persons ego comes into a discussion and would rather let them work out those issues elsewhere. All your accusations of me being a robot or working in pr are part of that and totally detract from a sensible debate. That simple really 😉

          • JZ

            Sorry Philip, you just seem to constantly post the same things over and over again. Of course I guess I can’t expect someone who works for a new gtld company to be objective instead of just a cheerleader.

          • JZ

            I think you misunderstand what the word ego means…if anything you are the one projecting ego with your constant new gtld flag waving and thoughts about being smarter than others for being involved in them (though apparently not buying any). you don’t want to engage in any discussion that makes you or them look bad. what you are doing here is called deflection. as soon as you were approached with a simple question about how many new gtld domains you’ve bought you’ve done everything to avoid answering it.

  2. JZ

    i don’t know about the chinese gtld but the .club premium domains are being actively marketed to individual end users. these people are not seeking the domains out themselves.

  3. Kassey

    It appears GD is not actively promoting the new gTLDs. From where I am located, I see only one gTLD promoted on GD’s homepage: .club which occupies a very tiny spot hardly visible.

    • Andrew Allemann

      GoDaddy isn’t on TLD Registry’s list of registrars. The company hasn’t jumped head first into IDNs.

      If it was offering the Chinese IDNs, I’d expect it to only promote them regionally.

      As for .Club on GoDaddy, it’s the very first thing on the new TLD graphic currently at the top of the page. It’s also one of the four featured icons below, and it also has its own box on the slider below. I’d argue it’s the most prominently featured domain on the home page…and it’s still in landrush.

  4. Joseph Peterson

    In many ways, .CLUB is the opposite of .GURU or .EXPERT, since it’s inclusive of a group rather than exclusively about a single ego. For that reason, I strongly prefer .CLUB in 9 out of 10 cases.

    .CLUB will be a survivor.

  5. Kassey

    “.CLUB will be a survivor.” Agreed Joseph. I think they will likely prosper because they are executing the right 4P marketing strategy (Product with clear identity, Price that’s competitive, wide Place of distribution, and active Promotion).

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