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What domain names Burberry and 14 other users bought

Fashion company Burberry among companies recently buying domain names.

These are end user sales from Sedo that occurred December 30 to January 5. You can view more end user sales lists here.

ThisIsBrit.co.uk $1,150 – British fashion company Burberry Limited. It registered the .com in September.

StyleLondon.com $900 – Signature X Ltd, which runs TheStyleLondon.com, drops the the.

Meilleureassurance.com EUR 14,995 – MeilleurTaux.com

Triangl.co.uk EUR 2,000 – Triangle Limited, a swimwear company.

SportsMatter.com $2,750 – a CSC client

Elevateaz.com $900 – Zion’s Bancorp. I’m not sure what this is for.

Invoiced.com $7,000 – Idealist Software, which sells a software program called Invoiced.

AHealth.org $980 – Health care company Ascension Health.

TeamLab.org $1,250 – Business software company TeamLab, which already owns TeamLab.com

Forsake.com $2,000 – Forsake Inc, a crowdfunded footwear company in Boston.

NBAZ.com $7,000 – National Bank of Arizona

BrandSurveillance.com $890 – Voloforce, which sells tools for tools for retail brands.

Zoho.net $9,999 – Zoho Corporation, the company behind Zoho CRM.

shkabaj.net $1,500 – The company that owns shkabaj.tk

Paragraph.com $3,000 – Paragraph LLC, a writer’s club that uses ParagraphNY.com. (Good deal for the buyer.)

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  1. Robbie

    I agree whoever sold that must have needed cash, I sold a similar 2 keyword .com for 50% more last week, that is giving it away, ask more for your assets guys…

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