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Motorola spends $7,500 buying MotoG.com domain name for its new phone

Motorola buys domain name for phone at last minute.

MotoGThis week’s Sedo end user sales report includes a few big companies. One of the companies buying a domain on the aftermarket was Motorola, which bought MotoG.com for its new moto g phone that comes out today. It forwards the domain to its moto-g.com website.

Here’s the list:

EasyLoan.co.uk 3,500 GBP – Easyloans LTD, a UK company. It doesn’t seem to be the same company that owns EasyLoans.co.uk.

MiamiWatersports.com $13,000 – Miami Catamarans, a watercraft rental company.

Triplejump.com $11,999 – Triplejump, a New Zealand disability insurance seller that uses Triplejump.co.nz as its web address.

Mon-Village.co.uk 3,450 GBP – Cornu SA, which creates products under the Mon Village brand.

LeatherUp.co.uk 3,000 GBP – bought by the owner of LeatherUp.com, a motorcycle jacket and accessories site.

Fairbanks.ch 1,800 EUR – Fairbanks Petroleum AG in Switzerland.

MassageChair.co.uk $1,500 – Cult Furniture Group in London.

Yay.it 999 EUR – the buyer is YayYay Group Limited, but I can’t find much information about them.

FastPrint.co.uk, FastPrints.co.uk 2,800 GBP, 750 GBP – Fast Print, a company in South Yorkshire, UK.

Wayfair.jp $1,000 – online retailer Wayfair.

IBAN.net $4,000 – BSoft, Inc., which created a site for checking that an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is valid.

RelevantSolutions.com $7,000 – Relevant Solutions, a California company that owns RelevantProcessing.com and RelevantUniversity.com.

AmericanBuildingComponents.com $2,356 – NCI Group, Inc, a publicly traded company that designs and builds metal buildings and components.

MotoG.com $7,500 – Motorola (Google), for its new moto g phone that comes out today.

C2IT.com $11,500 – C2IT Self Storage in North Carolina, which uses the domain C2ITStorage.com. This strikes me as a big pricetag for a single location self storage company. C2it is a popular company name, and Citibank uses it, so I understand the seller’s pricing. From the buyer’s perspective I’m a bit surprised they paid it unless they are expanding their business.

ClassicTrader.com 29,000 EUR – bought by Classic Trader GmbH. I can’t find much information about the company online.

JuniorPlay.com $2,195 – Junior Media, whose website has little information but appears to be targeted to kids.

DLLGroup.com $2,499 – De Lage Landen International BV

IQonline.com 4,999 EUR – IQ networks. Their website is down, so I’m not sure what they do. It’s possible that IQ360.com sold for $16,000 to the same company, but that domain is still in escrow.

LuxuryRehabCenter.com $6,500 – Clarity Way, a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

DisplayTouch.com $800 – Touch Screens Inc. in Utah.

Michel.in 1,650 EUR – Michelin, the company you probably know for its tires, bought a domain hack.

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  1. AbdulBasit Makrani says

    Thanks for sharing. I think C2IT.com was a great sale. Top ROI for that domain registered just last year!

    Also I could see C2IT.com was previously owned by CitiBank and I wonder why the let it drop!

  2. fizz says

    Re Triplejump.com $11,999 – I’ve noticed in your reports Andrew a growing number of New Zealand firms purchasing the ,com version of their .co.nz domain.

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