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USA Today buys domain for new sports site (and 19 other domains)

USA Today among big name domain name end user buyers last week.

This week USA Today launched its new sports site For The Win!, which officially resides at FTW.USAToday.com. But they bought the short URL 4TW.com to forward to it. Here are details on that sale and 19 other end user sales at Sedo last week.

Building Supplies Online in the UK bought its acronym BSO.co.uk for 2,499 GBP.

pair Networks bought yet another domain on the aftermarket. It paid $1,000 for PairBlog.com.

SearEnergy Offshore Holding GmbH owns SearEnergy.de and just bought SearEnergy.com for $2,595.

Flash sales site Totsy.com bought Totsy.net for $1,999.

FAB Startpoint bought the name of one of its brands, YumPop.com, for $1,500.

TheWorldofPictures.com bought the (much) shorter TWOPS.com for $2,495.

Education company TeacherGeek bought Funnest.com for $770. A fantastic domain at a cheap price.

“Customer experience analytics” company Foresee (you’ve probably seen their site surveys) bought WordofMouthIndex.com for $2,000.

Biotech company Genentech bought AMDAwareness.com for $1,299. AMD stands for Age-Related Macular Degeneration, which causes vision loss.

G-Tek Scientific Ltd. in China bought g-tek.com for 2,500 EUR.

This is interesting. New Orleans Technology Services has purchased ACORN.org for $5,000 and put up a site about the famed community organization that shut down in 2010.

Sparkflow, which offers a business dashboard called Small Business Manager, bought SmallBusinessManager.com for $1,500.

CSH Business Software, which offers legal software, paid $1,788 for AdvancedLaw.com.

USAToday Sports Media Group bought 4TW.com for $2,999 for its new sports site. It does not own FTW.com or ForTheWin.com.

Chamber Solutions, which provides services to Chambers of Commerce, bought MyOfficeStore.com for $800.

Online drugstore Chemist Direct bought BeautyRoom.com for $5,300.

User interface design company You Know Who shortened its URL from YouKnowWhoDesign.com to YouKnowWho.com for 1,500 GBP. Smart move.

Touch Screens Inc in Utah bought Touch-Screen.net for $1,900.

CRM company CRMConsult, which owns CRMConsult.fr, bought CRMConsult.com for 1,100 EUR.

E-Like Social Commerce in Brazil bought e-like.com for $2,200.

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  1. David says

    Funnest is a cool term that teens and kids in particular often use. Can’t understand why owner would sell funnest.com for only $770.

    Though today’s report is not a real good example overall I am always greatly surprised when I see how cheap domainers are willing to sell good names to end-users.

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