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NameMedia launches discounted domain marketplace DirectDomains.com

NameMedia tries segmenting the buyer market with new domain sales site.

DirectDomainsNameMedia has launched a new domain name marketplace dedicated solely to lower cost domains.

The marketplace, DirectDomains.com, is targeted to domain name investors.

Domain names on the marketplace are all under $3,000 and have been discounted between 35%-80% from their original price.

Right now the inventory only includes NameMedia’s own domain name portfolio. If the site is successful then it will be opened up to client inventory as well.

This is an interesting approach to segment the domain buyer market. NameMedia’s other marketplaces are BuyDomains and Afternic. BuyDomains is targeted to end users while Afternic is more of a domainer site, although I think of it as more of an account management site than a place to buy domains.

The inventory on DirectDomains.com is also available on NameMedia’s other sites; DirectDomains contains just a subset of lower priced domains that have been discounted.

What do you think? Are the domains priced in a range that will be appealing to domain name investors?

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  1. @Domains

    Afternic used to have a low cost domains marketplace called the Bazaar. You could buy LLN.com’s there by the bucketload for under $25 each in the mid 2000’s. Looks like this will be a better, flashier version of it.

  2. Alan

    I do not think the price range for that type of quality domain is going to appeal to domain investors.
    They should have just bought over an existing
    marketplace like DATACUBE or LOVELOGO and take it from there.

  3. Steven

    The “Name Your Price” option on the website is a joke. I just called up and tried to make an offer on a domain listed there. The sales rep told me that the names listed at “80% off” (totally arbitrary % off because you could set any random number as the original price) are not negotiable at all.

    I think it is very deceptive advertising for the website to feature “Name Your Price” so prominently next to “Add to Cart”, and yet a large portion of the names are not negotiable at all.

  4. Francois

    Nice site design, very original!!!

    And a good marketplace name (I thought I already purchased them all from BuyDomains … LOL)

    After check the site and compute some appraisals I will say that more than bargains they are discounted names. BuyDomains uses to have a large negotiation margin and I think it has been reduced to the minimum on this site. This should explain why Steven has not been able to get a better price. But can also confirm the domain he wanted was not priced for a domainer.

    In all cases if domainers are the main target then the search box is not the best way to check domain investments opportunities.
    Searches are performed when one want a name for a specific project and not when seeking good investment deals.

    Everybody does not have a significant budget when purchasing a domain name, this marketplace offers I think the opportunity for retailers to get a good name at discounted price and it’s already a lot.

    So CONGRATS and my wishes of success!

  5. Alexander

    The Bazaar was actually a nice place to buy some wonderful domains. Many were not worth much, however, sometimes you’d spot something valuable. I bought a number of domains there, like high grade 4-letter for $100 or less.

  6. Mark A

    Nothing to see here except a bunch of non-pro suits realizing their days “may” be somewhat numbered in the face of new tlds. “better blow out the crap while we can still blow it out with fanfare and PR people might actually pay attention to”. Nothing more. These names are the crap sold to suckers. Only difference is the sense of urgency from management in the face of a changing world.

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