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General Counsel Christine Jones leaving Go Daddy

A long time fixture at Go Daddy is moving on.

Christine Jones, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary for Go Daddy, will leave the company Friday after 10 years.

Jones managed all legal affairs for the company and frequently represented the company as a witness at congressional hearings. She was a key player at the company and the industry given her role in lobbying in Washington. She even had a cameo in GoDaddy’s 2009 “enhancement” Super Bowl commercial.

During her ten years at the company she watched it grow from a small startup to a multi-billion dollar company, including taking on an investment from PE firms last year.

But her tenure wasn’t always smooth sailing. Most recently, Jones got caught up in SOPA as she originally testified to congress in favor of the bill. GoDaddy later relented and changed its stance on the bill, but its position resulted in a good number of customers transferring their domains to competitors.

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  1. John Berryhill says

    I have not always agreed with Ms. Jones, and circumstances have not always found us on the same side of one fence or another. She’s a tough one to have on the other side of an argument, and is a passionate advocate. Anyone in the industry who needs a tenacious, experienced, and tireless trooper in their corner shouldn’t wait long to find out what her next move might be.

  2. rs says

    “and is a passionate advocate”

    There is a big difference between a “passionate advocate” who takes reasonable positions and some attorney who goes around acting unreasonable because she can get away with it. Christine Jones is clearly in the latter category and is an example why many people dislike attorneys. She is the number one reason why I would never leave a domain with Godaddy.

    As for other attorneys who try to promote these a-holes because they may run into them again … well I guess you can’t always trust their statements.

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