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18 end user domain sales including IAC and McKinsey

Web giant and consulting firm buy aftermarket domains.

Here are 18 notable domain sales over the past week involving end users. All sales are at Afternic unless otherwise noted.

A DNW reader wrote it to to me they sold GetCube.com for $2,500 to point-of-sale-on-an-iPad startup Cube.

Future Mobility Healthcare Inc, which owns Future-Mobility.com, dropped the hyphen for $1,500.

Nautilus Marine Corp also shortened its URL, going from nautilusmarinecorp.com to NautilusCorp.com for $1,488.

Retail business software company Raymark bought RetailHost.com for $1,450.

The owner of cottonbluesms.com bought CottonBlues.com for $1,000.

Iowa roofing company Bakeris Roofing paid $1,500 for IowaRoof.com. Good move, especially since Bakeris isn’t very easy to remember and spell.

Non-profit GreatSchools Inc., owner of GreatSchools.org, bought GreatKids.org for $2,000.

Direct sales company Red Ventures paid $70,000 for WirelessPhones.com. It’s worth noting that WirelessPhone.com (singular) sold for $355,000 back in 2006. More on the sale here.

Law firm Gary L. Brooks & Associates bought CertifiedLawyer.com for $3,388.

Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc, the producers of the Cheaters TV show, bought CyberBullies.com for $2,000.

IAC/Interactive Corp
(NASDAQ: IACI) bought Cardify.com for $2,500 at Sedo. Not sure what they plan to do with it.

Human resources consulting company Intuitive HR bought CorporateEducation.com for $3,000 and InuitiveLearning.com for $1,860.

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, which just closed on $8.1 million for its Accelerator Fund, bought AcceleratorFund.com for $2,000.

The world’s most prestigious management consulting company, McKinsey & Co, bought Pobos.com for $9,255. POBOS is the name for its Pharma Operations Benchmarking practice.

Columbia Bank in New Jersey paid $3,500 for CBNJ.com. Get it?

Members Health Insurance Company
picked up MHInsurance.com for $1,928.50.

The Optical Society bought OpticsChina.com for $2,277.

Chamber Master, which provides software to chambers of commerce, bought CommunityZone.com MemberZone.com for $1,500 each at Sedo.

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  1. Bryan G.

    “Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc, the producers of the Cheaters TV show, bought CyberBullies.com for $2,000.”

    New show in the works? Looks like they own cheaters.com

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