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What domains Heineken, Shopzilla, and a candidate for the Wisconsin governor’s office bought last week

19 end user domain sales from the past week.

From beer to shopping to politics, here are 19 domain sales to end users from the past week. All sales took place at Afternic unless otherwise noted.

Heineken bought Sol.com for its Sol beer brand for 98,000 EUR at Sedo.

ECPI University bought AcceleratedNursingDegree.com for $1,088.

Another educational institution — Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, paid $2,880 for LiveGreater.com.

Event registration and survey company Cvent bought EventMobile.com for $2,500.

The owner of RaceSuit.com expanded is reach with KartingSuits.com for $1,300.

Shopping comparison site Shopzilla bought Besitos.com for $1,000 at Sedo. Besitos means “little kisses” in Spanish. Will this be used for a new brand?

I don’t know much about Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, but I know his campaign is smart when it comes to domain names. He owns ScottWalker.org but just bought ScottWalker.com for $7,500. That’s something Rick Perry never grasped.

The Private Mortgage Group of Nebraska bought DenverRates.com for $1,788.

Universal Forest Products will build something at BuildLikeaPro.com, a domain it picked up for $995 at Sedo.

Here’s an interesting one. It appears that Facebook VP Naomi Gleit used some of her pre-IPO money to buy Naomi.com for $8,000.

PatientLink, which uses MyPatientLink.com, bought MyLink.org for $3,288.

Tom Cammack, who has the creatively named InflationFighter.com web site, hedged against inflation by buying TexasSilver.com for $1,600 — about the price of 50 ounces of silver.

New Mexico solar company The Solar Biz started life at TheSolar.biz, moved to TheSolarBiz.com, and now has SunElectronic.com at a cost of $5,000.

1st Security Bank of Washington wants you to Bank Different. It deposited $1,595 for BankDifferent.com.

Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation bought ConstitutionOnline.com for $1,488.

New York Presbyterian Hospital paid $1,500 for NYP.info at Sedo. It already owns NYP.org.

Merchant services company TrxServices LLC charged $X for TransactionServices.com for $3,000 at Sedo.

Rapid Filing Services LLC, the company behind RapidTax.com, bought BackTax.net for $2,300.

Colt Atlantic Services, Inc. bought eColt.com for $2,550. Its web site is ColtOnline.com.

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