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A Domain Name Post That Will Have You ROFLMA

Some sophisticated domain name humor.

Sometimes it’s tough being a blogger. The articles I spend the most time writing often get the least amount of traffic.

So I want to urge you to read a post over at Domain Incite that not only took a while to research and write, but is as close as you can get to sophisticated Jon Stewart humor for the domain policy crowd.

The 10 dumbest moments from that new TLDs Congressional hearing pokes fun at the politicians (and to a lesser degree the witnesses) at last weeks’ House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet hearing about new TLDs.

My favorite part: a couple of representatives and panelists said whois privacy/proxy services were a bad thing that enabled criminal activity.

Author Kevin Murphy did a little research and found that 40% of the subcommittee members use whois privacy on their campaign web sites.

Seriously, this is a good read.

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  1. gpmgroup

    It’s easy to mock but the questioning from the Congressmen, whose day to day business is far removed from the new gTLD acronym soup, seemed very well intentioned.

    Some of the questions the Congressmen asked were quite perceptive in attempting to try and gain an insight into issues ICANN, to its shame, has been able to use process to side step and to which it remains unhealthily silent on.

    Even at this late stage the whole new gTLD thinking is fundamentally flawed however many of the people who should be standing up and saying so are more concerned with advocating positions which will benefit their own and clients’ interests rather than the pubic good.


    Yeah…some are still playing catch-up about domains.

    OFF TOPIC: Congrats Andrew…on be anointed by NPR as the go to GOD of domaining.Ya’ gotta figure they’ll hit you up again when they figure out that this is more than just gag /novelty industry.Thanx for delivering audio gravitas & confidence. 🙂

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