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Breaking: Sedo to Sell Sex.com Domain Name

Settlement paves way for Sex.com domain name sale.

The managers of Escom, LLC, which owns the Sex.com domain name, have agreed to enter into an agreement with Sedo to sell the domain name. Terms of the brokerage agreement are confidential.

The agreement to retain Sedo to sell the domain name comes after a settlement between a number of the creditors to Escom. Originally, creditor DOM Partners pushed the Sex.com domain name into foreclosure and scheduled an auction to sell the domain name. The day before the auction was to take place, three entities controlled by Mike Mann made an involuntary bankruptcy filing against Escom to halt the auction.

The parties battled back in forth in bankruptcy court, but have reached a settlement. As part of the settlement, the parties agreed that “a sale of the Debtor’s assets, including its Internet domain name www.Sex.com (the “Domain Name”), as expeditiously as possible…is in the best interests of the Debtor, the estate, and its creditors.”

DOM Partners had originally opposed retaining Sedo to sell the domain name because it felt that its fees were too high. Sedo had been in talks with some of Escom’s investors previously to sell the domain, and Sedo filed a statement in the case suggesting that it would be the better company to sell the domain name than DOM’s original auctioneer.

The parties have asked the court to approve its settlement agreement.

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  1. Broker says

    The problem is with Sex.com that nobody wants to own it for the price they hope to achieve.

    I have been involved in brokering it along with several other brokers prior to this being announced and all the people who actually want to own the name just arent prepared to pay anymore than half of what it was previously bought for.

    I think its a killer name and I know several people who want to own and it and expressed serious bids for it but not one on them topped $10mm

    These are big adult players I am talking about who have the cash but just arent prepared to pay for it.

    I hope sedo sell it and I wish them and Escom LLC the best of luck but I think unless someone like JNJ or GSK etc come out of the wood work it might not sell anytime soon…

  2. Attila says

    Hope its a no reserve auction. I will place a five million dollar bid just so I can say “well, I tried…” but god forgive me shall I actually win…I will scramble the net for VC’s hahaha.

    I think the auction will end between 9-10 million.

    What do you guys think?

    • Andrew Allemann says

      The terms of the Sedo deal are confidential, but…

      -It’s possible they will hold only a private auction rather than one on their site. Could be more of a brokering deal than an auction.
      -I’m sure there’s a min. they are allowed to sell for, or perhaps some sort of sealed bids that Escom can approve/deny

  3. JustJss says

    If you check the rough traffic indicators out there — sex.com isn’t worth much for a redirect. It’s a great domain, maybe the best — but it isn’t worth much unless someone wants to make it their brand.

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