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Rachael Ray Wants to Fry Some Typosquatters

Celebrity chef files claims to get two typo domain names.

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray has filed two separate domain name disputes with National Arbitration Forum for typos of her domain name.

Rachelray.com, which omits the second ‘a’ in her first name, and Rachealray.com, which transposes the ‘e’ and ‘a’, both redirect to freegifster.com. Visitors to the landing page at freegifster.com are offered a “free” 14 piece cookset. The landing page also shows an image with the likeness of the chef.

The first typo is registered in the name of Rachel Ray Techniques Pvt. Ltd. and the second domain name has whois privacy.

Ray’s fans appear to type in these misspellings frequently. According to Compete.com, the first typo (that omits the ‘a’) gets over 20,000 unique visitors a month. The second typo gets close to 6,000 uniques a month. The official RachaelRay.com web site gets over half a million uniques per month.

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  1. Shorty says

    And….these squatters will get some good catfish batter applied to them and dunked into the FryDaddy. 🙂

    No chance of winning this one.

  2. Cathy Smyrl says

    Please quit addressing that fake as a chef. It’s an insult to people who really worked for that title. She’s nothing more than an average cook and product whore.

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