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Roche, Lego, and Google File Most Domain Arbitration Cases in 2009

Top UDRP filers for 2009.

Here’s a message to all the cybersquatters out there: don’t mess with the companies on this list.

Using data from UDRPSearch, Domain Name Wire tabulated the total number of UDRP cases filed by these companies in 2009. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, given that both WIPO and National Arbitration Forum use different names for some companies, and some companies even use multiple names when filing cases with the same provider. Furthermore, National Arbitration Forum doesn’t disclose the complainant until after a case is decided, so a few late cases aren’t included in this data.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche (56) – the pharmaceutical giant filed 54 cases with WIPO and 2 with National Arbitration Forum. Part of the uptick was to take down sites promoting Tamiflu for swine flu. La Roche didn’t lose any of them.

LEGO Juris (55) – just because it sells colored blocks, doesn’t mean Lego is all fun and games. It filed 55 cases last year, and has yet to lose.

Google (45) – Google was fairly quiet with UDRPs until this year. It won every decided case except one — Groovle.com.

State Farm Mutual Insurance (36) – a perfect 36-0 on 2009 cases.

Farouk Systems Inc. (35) – this hair care company doesn’t mess around. In addition to filing 35 cases last year, it is out of the gate with 17 cases filed in just the first few weeks of 2010. It hasn’t lost a case yet.

Sanofi-Aventis (30) – another active drug company.

Microsoft (28) – a perfect record in 2009.

AOL (26) – AOL lost one case in 2009. But it is delusional when it comes to trademarks.

Nervous Tattoo (26) – Ed Hardy make turned on the spigot in the second half of the year. It’s a perfect 26-0.

American Automobile Association (25) – interesting strategy results in wins of aaaerotica.com, aaanudes.com, and aaablondes.com. It lost a UDRP for AAA.net, but convinced the owners to hand over the domain when it filed a lawsuit.

Compagnie Gervais Danone (23) – The company won most of its cases, but lost cases for Activia.ch and ProActivia.com, and got a partial victory on another.

Victoria’s Secret (21) – lingerie retailer runs the table 21-0.

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  1. FCliff

    I agree w/ these cases except for one AAA – Those domains they stole were generic! AAA is a generic term used for decades, it is ridiculous the UDRP panel awarded those domains to a auto insurance company. You know how scumbaggy those d-bags are? Seriously SCREW the UDRP panel, and the whole process of defining words in to “we own the dictionary” semantics. They own AAA now? REALLY that’s just fucking great, now I’m almost as pissed as when Rick Shwarts self-proclaimed himself the “domain king” really? REALLY? AHH

  2. Misato

    Lego is stupid. The vast majority of Lego websites provide information about Lego and their products. Their domain name, while containing the word ‘lego’ look nothing what-so-ever like http://www.lego.com or any of it’s sub directories.

    This is just ridiculous to go after every website that you can find that contain the word lego.

    Now for the stupidity of Lego.
    Number one. Any website that is about Lego is free advertising for Lego.

    Number two. A big percentage of these domains are owned by Lego enthusiast, which in turn mean, they are owned by Lego customers who give Lego a great amount of business.

    Number there. These are also websites that help other Lego enthusiast in ways that Lego can’t and / or chooses not to, thereby relieving Lego of customer support that might otherwise be demanded of Lego.

    And these are the people that Lego wants to sue??? It’s amazing that a company as large as Lego lacks this much business sense and this much apathy toward the very people ( their customers ) who keep them in business.

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