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Go Daddy Goes Big with $3 Million Holiday Party and Record Donations

Go Daddy throws big party and makes major charitable contributions.

GoDaddyGo Daddy CEO Bob Parsons certainly lives by the “go big or go home” mantra. As evidence, his company topped last year’s $2 million holiday party with a $3 million party this year. The event was held last Saturday night at Chase Field in Phoenix.

Among the notable guests were boxer Muhammad Ali, a friend of Bob Parsons and Shane Tews, VP VeriSign Global Public Policy & Govt. Relations.

The company is reporting 22% revenue growth in 2009. If the numbers published in Inc. Magazine earlier this year are correct, this would mean GoDaddy’s 2009 revenues topped $600 million.

But GoDaddy didn’t just spend money on itself — it topped last year’s $1.7 million in charity giving. At Saturday night’s party, the company announced a major gift to the Danica Patrick GoDaddy.com Domestic Violence Center.

In a year where flat was the new growth, it’s good to see a company in the domain industry continue its upward trajectory.

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  1. Chip Meade says

    I know it is a public company and they have been successful but a $3MM party? What a waste! That would be $3K per employee at 1000 employees. So much for subtley in this strained economy. I guess Mr. Parsons has never been one for subtleties though.

  2. David Jones says

    It’s Bob’s money in the end (privately held company). Even if he didn’t throw the party, who’s to say he’d give money away to people? I think it’s great that he does this for his employees with his own money. BTW, I have heard they give away money to the employees at these events as well.

  3. Gazzip says

    I wonder how much of that money was funded purely by domainers over the last 3 or 4 years ???

    ..at least he’s giving some to charity 🙂 nice man

    • Andrew Allemann says

      The only issue I have with big parties is that once you start them, you can’t stop them. I remember the first job I had out of college. The company frequently sent its employees on annual trips. The year before I came it was a cruise in the Bahamas. The year I started they scaled it back. It was still an incredible event, with Jay Leno as the guest. But it was held locally, and people complained loudly.

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