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Payment.com and Payments.com Sell for Combined $400,000

Sedo has another strong week; Brazil.com sale in the works.

Sedo is on a roll with another strong domain name sales performance.

Leading this week’s chart are Payment.com at $250,000 and Payments.com at $150,000, for a combined $400,000. The whois records for the domains still show Sedo’s transfer service, so the buyer isn’t known. Both domain names have had protected whois records for the past couple years.

Although not on Sedo’s official list for the week, it appears the company has also brokered the sale of Live Current Media’s (OTCbb: LIVC.ob) Brazil.com domain name. The whois record for the domain changed over the weekend, and domain blog ChefPatrick.com reported that it saw the sale recorded at $500,000 at Sedo. [Update: Sedo confirmed the sale.]

Sedo has a handful of strong 5 figure .com sales to back up its headliners. iPal.com sold for $59,000. LMK.com sold for $58,500, and DomainAppraisal.com for $52,000.

Here are other sales of note:

cyg.com 35,000 EUR
pilotgroup.com 20,000 USD
rivercity.com 15,000 USD
scubatours.com 12,000 USD
clik.com 10,000 USD
libel.com 9,999 USD
plusloans.com 9,250 USD
fitcard.com 8,000 USD
tagz.com 7,995 USD
treppenlifte.com 7,500 EUR
vru.com 7,000 USD
uproperty.com 7,000 USD
nurseregistry.com 6,000 USD
esob.com 5,000 USD

grafikkarte.de 52,360 EUR Graphic art in German
payment.de 50,000 USD
live.cc 10,000 USD
forums.cn 10,000 USD
uebernachtung.de 8,735 EUR Overnight in German
easypilot.de 5,063 EUR
easypilot.be 5,063 EUR
easypilot.it 5,063 EUR
easypilot.dk 5,063 EUR
rollsthle.de 5,000 EUR

talk.org 5,100 USD
fcv.mobi 5,000 USD
parents.info 5,000 GBP

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  1. Dominik Mueller says

    Andrew, two small corrections for your German translations:

    Grafikkarte.de translates to “graphic card”/”graphics board”, and Uebernachtung.de is “overnight stay”/”accommodation”.

    Sedo has closed some very good sales recently.

  2. mike says

    anyone think .tel will start selling in the aftermarket soon?

    it is a unique domain, and without trying to describe it, but at the very least it requires no web site design or construction…talk about speed to market 😉

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