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Smart Changes Coming to Bido

Bido is making a couple smart changes to its auction platform in an upcoming release.

First, Bido will start offering multiple auctions per day. It’s unclear how these will take place, but it could be several at the same time or one per hour (or half hour) throughout the day.

Second, expert users will now be able to vote on which domain names will be auctioned off. This is a great way to use crowd sourcing to figure out which domains have the most potential. Because the voting will be limited to registered users who have applied to be experts, it should prevent much of the gaming that could take place if anyone could vote on the domains to be auctioned.

Both of these changes are necessary and beneficial. Multiple auctions per day means that more people will get their domains into the auction and Bido will make more money. The voting mechanism will result in better domains being selected and relieve a big headache for Bido staff (not to mention deflecting criticism of domain selection).

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  1. Jarred

    Thank you very much for the coverage Andrew.
    If any readers would like to apply to be an Expert on Bido to participate in the voting, they may email me directly at jarred@bido.com or click to request it once logged into their Bido account.
    We’re really happy to see this cat get out of the bag, she’s been confined for so long and her nails have gotten sharp.
    Seriously though, these changes are the next step of our drawn out progressive launch of our platform. Yesterday was our 1 year birthday and we still have so much more to offer, we’re just trickling things out accordingly in the direction of a much bigger picture, as we’ve stated on record a few occasions since inception. We’re really happy to announce that we’re crowd sourcing the selection process of what goes up for auction. When we release the change, all the details will ensue.

  2. stu

    bido=Joke….so called experts who are clueless,this is more of a hobby than an actual business,i would love to see their figures=joke.

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