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Hewlett-Packard Wants .HP Domain Name

Technology company requests exception to ICANN rule.

Technology behemoth Hewlett-Packard — better known as HP (NYSE: HPQ) — wants ICANN to reconsider its rule that new top level domain names must be at least three characters. HP wants to apply for .hp, which is forbidden because two character top level domain names are currently reserved for country code domain names.

In a letter to ICANN, the company said it may be at a competitive disadvantage to competitors who can get their own TLD, such as .IBM.

We believe that ICANN’s proposed rule puts HP in the disadvantaged position preventing Hewlett Packard from securing .hp while our competitors will be able to apply for their respective specialized new gTLDs…In addition, we would like to ensure that we want to ensure that HP will also be able to acquire IDNS without 2-character limit.

Ironically, a number of companies envy HP’s position. They don’t want to pay for a new top level domain name, but they feel obliged to apply for their brand to lock it up.

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  1. DS says

    Well, sucks to be compaq right now — their TLD is already taken. Perhaps it is time to call in another frivolous legal complaint.

  2. C says

    ‘Why would anyone need .hp?’

    Hell, why would anyone *need* a gTLD? It also seems the majority of all companies or markets are wanting ‘exceptions’ to the proposed layout.

    I hope ICANN is feeling the pressure from these blunders.

  3. gpmgroup says

    If ICANN is going to allow .dell and .ibm it will be interesting to see how they handle letting Hewlett Packard have .hp

    Changing to a new brand to meet ICANN’s naming rules would require a serious rebranding exercise the cost of which would make ICANN’s $185,000 + $25,000 a year pale into insignificance.

  4. Johnny says

    All things being equal, if the new tld of .hp was granted it would be a competitive advantage that ICANN made an “exception” for. It would be an exception for an advantage.

    Bring the noise. “Let the games begin” as David said.

  5. Vietnamese Kite says

    And if teh domain “.hp” available, I wish to register some for my own… 🙂 Too excited to wait for…

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