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Joe Biden’s Domain Name Blunders

Joe Biden joins Ted Stevens in web hall of shame.

Vice President Joe Biden is having difficulty with this whole interweb thing.

When asked for the web address for a government web site, he looked to an aide and said he didn’t know what it was followed by “do you know the web site number?”.

He also pulled a Dick Cheney, referring to Recovery.gov as Recovery.com. During vice-presidential debates four years ago Cheney referred to FactCheck.org as FactCheck.com, sending millions of visitors to a domain name owned by Frank Schilling.

Even though conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh made fun of Biden for the Recovery.gov slip up, Limbaugh himself referred to the web address as Recovery.org.

One thing is for sure: all of this web address confusion just ends up sending more traffic to .com domain names.

(See Joe Biden video below, which includes other politician domain name screw ups but not Cheney’s.)

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  1. M. Menius says

    This is further proof that ICANN’s desire to flood the net with more gTLD’s will only add to Joe Biden’s confusion!

    Sure, more tld’s will do the trick.

  2. Rob Sequin says

    What a dummy.

    Hopefully he’ll disappear like an Al Gore for 8 years.

    At least he’s not Dick Cheney.

    Don’t forget about his FactCheck.org slip up in the 2004 debate.

  3. gomathinayagam says

    I wonder why anybody should laugh at that word websitenumber.

    I have a website to assign 4 digit numbers to all websites for easy location independent of lenght spelling or syntax involved in the address.

    It is right now under reconstruction.Should be visible within a week.


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