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Dubai.info Sells for $35,000

Dubai.info one of highest .info domain sales ever.

Despite falling oil prices, Dubai is still booming. Apparently someone believes it’s booming enough to plunk down $35,000 for Dubai.info, making it one of the highest reported sales of .info ever. According to NameBio, this sale would be number 5 on the all time .info sales charts. The buyer appears to be Markus Sonermo, according to updated whois reports. (The name of the owner and his email address is the only thing that has changed in the whois.)

Sedo’s top sale for the week was 288.com, which sold for $43,222. Hole.com sold for $35,000, and the company completed the sale of PlayTube.com for $20,500. Other notable sales include:

ificandream.com 20,000 USD
fav.com 17,700 USD
ontopic.com 10,000 USD
elink.com 9,700 GBP
gametheory.com 7,000 USD
grouphotels.com 6,055 USD
supporters.nl 5,500 EUR
h-online.com 5,500 EUR
dubaiemirate.com 4,990 EUR
descargarjuegos.com 4,200 EUR
cavus.com 4,000 EUR
washingtonexaminer.com 4,000 USD
imagazin.com 4,000 USD
yoceo.com 4,000 USD
onlive.nl 10,500 EUR
security.eu 8,003 USD
ogame.es 6,000 EUR
protectmyid.org 6,500 USD
medica.net 5,288 USD

There are currently a handful of good auctions at Sedo, including Miami.us at $15,000 (which makes me feel good about my domains SanFrancisco.us, KansasCity.us, and Albuquerque.us).

Atonce.com is at $19,000, ebrokers.com is $6,100, and luv.me is 5,600 EUR. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) interested in luv.me, since it is the company’s stock ticker and they use it in advertising.

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  1. belshass

    I was in Dubai 2 weeks ago and the place is not showing any signs of economic slowdown!
    Cranes everywhere, building of their fully automated metro network ,shopping centers packed, and loads of tourists.
    (some may argue it was the holiday seasons!)

    The once-mighty pound sterling didn’t stretch far for shopping in Dubai from my experience.

    As a domainer, I was on the lookout for domain names on billboards/ads and I saw a good balance of .coms and .ae present.

    but a gem like dubai.info commanding such prices does not surprise me. Dubai is a hot spot with a good mix of the Western World and Eastern World.

    Dubai is booming. you’re right!
    Hope the new owner of dubai.info does develop!

  2. M. Menius

    My investment view is very much the same. $35,000 for Dubai.info qualifies as a good investment. The .INFO web address is perfect for geo domains and quality generic keywords.

    MIAMI.US … that’s news, real news. Interesting. ccTLD’s are moving onto the radar screen. Very nice domain.

  3. Gazzip

    Nice sale of a great .info.

    the .net sold in 2004 for $18k but you would’nt be able to buy it for anywhere near that now. Its parked at sedo with 73 offers on it.

    I think dubaiemirate.com was a steal at
    4,990 EUR

  4. rental

    Andrew good on you for the city.us names, they are hugely overlooked right now, as with the United States’ ccTLD generally.

    ccTLD = geography in a way .com could never be, and soon all city.coms may be ‘legal non-conforming’ anyways, thanks to ICANN.

    Nice .info sale, that gTLD still makes sense.

  5. DubaiDomainer

    Dubai is dying, the boom is over.

    There is no question about this.

    They are finishing things that have been started, thats it, the number of layouts are huge and are just not being announced.

    Property prices are crashing, tourism is way down and there is an exodus of people at the moment.

    It’s a bad time to be in Dubai, I’m in Canada planning my move away as I type.

  6. M. Menius

    @DubaiDomainer – “Dubai is dying …”

    LOL … “The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated”. Let’s not get too hasty in our global meltdown assessment.

  7. DubaiDomainer

    Do you live there & know what’s actually happening Menius?

    Dubai is literally bankrupt and selling off assets to Abu Dhabi to stay solvent. ie. 40% of Emirates Airline.

    It’s a mess, I’ve watched prices on rental properties drop 25% in a little over 2 months, resale value is close to that drop too.

    Easily 60% of the people I worked with across 6 companies have been laid off since October.

    Now . . . there are companies that aren’t laying off people . . . but what some are doing is sending the staff on leave and then literally just telling them not to come back to work and not canceling their visas.

    Everyone I know personally is talking about leaving Dubai and I expect within 6 months they will have all gone.

    The press is state controlled, so you won’t hear much other than positive outlooks, but make no mistake, there is a lot of blood on the ground.

  8. belshass

    what you described is happening all over the world.

    after Dubai, I went to Malaysia/Singapour. Same stories there.

    In Mauritius, development of the IRS (Integrated Resorts Schemes- modeled partly on Dubai) is grinding to a halt. Tourism is on the decline and hotels are struggling to fill their rooms. (some giving never-seen-before promotional offers to locals)

    the UK, one of the countries worst hit by the economic crisis, house prices fallen by 30% and every other week you hear companies closing doors. many hundred of thousands jobless already! Lately the Bank of England has, in and almost desperate move, brought down the base rate to 1.5% to try to boost business- the last time this happened was when Newton discovered gravity!! 300yrs back.

    when the US sneezes, the UK normally catches a cold. But this time the sneeze was so hard that the whole world caught the flu.

    But, one thing is sure:it will get better!

    Good luck with the move, and remember,

    shrewd investors are contrarian.

  9. Stephen Douglas

    I’ve talked with two people who have visited Dubai in the last few months, and they say nothing about any “collapse” in Dubai’s growth. It looks like business as usual. Of course, there are companies trying to suck it up after the economic downturn, but the solid companies are pushing ahead.

    Why do some people think that when things look bleak on one side of the economic platform, there aren’t exceptional opportunities to get rich on the other side of the platform. MILLIONAIRES are being created every day taking advantage of all the naysayers because they see doom and gloom around the corner. Hey, get bummed out and hide your money under your bed or dig a hole in your backyard.


    I can’t tell you how many times I heard Apple was ready to go out of business in the last 27 years, and decided against buying stock. I could have bought stock in apple for $8 a share just 15 years ago… didn’t. I kick my own ass for it.

    By the way, I turned down a low five figure amount for DowntownDubai.com just a few months ago. There’s too much money in that area to designate it a ghost town yet.

    Also… has everyone forgot that Obama will be in office in less than a week, and that will change world opinion, attitude, mood, and investment interest for the better.

  10. jp

    I am in Thailand right now and I will say that it seems around here .info might be the #1 tld. I have been paying close attention. I see it more than .com, or perhaps its just where I’ve been (Koh Samui & Koh Phangan).

    Korea was big on .com.kr, except for big companies used .com

    Going to Bali next will let you know the results later.

  11. jp

    I was just in Thailand and from my observations it almost seems like .info is bigger than .com there. At least where I was in Thailand (Koh Phangan & Koh Samui).

    Was also in Korea, saw alot of .com.kr, but mostly for small businesses, big businesses still using .com there.

    In Bali now, I’ll be paying attention, I’ll let you know.

  12. jp

    In Indonesia I saw mostly .com, but not too many people own a computer in Bali, so the web wasn’t too big there yet.

  13. Stephen Douglas


    Show us a link to back up your cryptic statement “RIP Dubai”.

    Hey, show us two or more links, just to show us how informed you are about the “death of Dubai.”

  14. Viking

    Dubai is so poor and desperate, that they featured it on “Amazing Race” episodes a few weeks back.

    I’ll still believe in Dubai until i see those man-made “iconic” islands they’ve built turn into ghost towns.

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