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“We Get It” Award: Zoo.org

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle leverages Zoo.org.

It’s hot down here in Texas. 100 degrees and humid. So last week my family packed up the bags and flew to Seattle for a 5 day vacation. The average high temperature in Seattle in August is 75 degrees, so it was a perfect location.

Except for one thing: we chose the very week to arrive that Seattle was experiencing record heat in the 90s. Sure, 90 degrees and dry sounds better than 100 and humid, until you realize that Seattle doesn’t believe in air conditioning.

On our vacation I saw a number of domain names, some good and some bad. The best was Zoo.org, the domain for the Woodland Park Zoo. We knew we were going to go to the zoo while we were in town, especially because it had a special exhibit of flamingos (my two your old daughter is a big fan of the pink birds). I forgot what time it opened, but it was easy to remember the domain name for the zoo so I could look it up.

It may seem strange that a .org domain would be a sign of an organization that understands domain names, but realize that the zoo isn’t going after type-in traffic. It’s going after something that’s easy to remember and easy to spell. An alternative would be WoodlandParkZoo.com, which is long and difficult to remember since many people think of it as the Seattle Zoo.

I also saw a truly horrible domain name, but you should visit the web site anyway. eSimplytheBest.net is the domain name for a dried fruit stand at the Pike Place Market. It’s a bad domain, but the fruit is really good. I can vouch for the dried blueberries. And we should at least give them props for printing their domain on each bag of fruit.

Update: David Castello commented that he was in Seattle just a few days before me and noticed one of the fish markets at Pike Place used the domain name “FreshSeafood.com”. While uploading photos from the trip tonight, I noticed that I snapped a picture of my daughter in front of their sign with the domain on it:

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  1. David J Castello

    Michael and I were in Seattle on August 14 and visited the Pike Place Market. Did you notice that the main seafood stand (where they toss the fish) was promoting its website FreshSeafood.com?

  2. Andrew

    I didn’t notice that, but that’s a great one. (I think I was too busy comforting my 2 year old daughter who was afraid of being hit in the head by a flying fish.)

  3. jblack

    Bad website observations reminds me of a name I saw on a bus in Chicago, yourchicagoapartmentfinders.com or something similarly hideous, frankly I forget it exactly. What was funny was the line below the bad website name: “If you can find our website, you can find an apartment!”

  4. Patrick


    “It’s a bad domain, but the fruit is really good.”

    Maybe they should change their domain to:

    It’s available!

    And it’s a .COM!! 🙂


  5. jblack

    Continuing on the theme of horrible names and huge expenditures, who yet is calling out the sheer lunacy of those number names on dnjournal’s sales report? Man, that makes that old WeAre-WhateverJunk look like a genius business plan! Where was the objectivity and journalistic questioning on those purchases?? Yep, the clock definitely shows its market crash time when stories like that get published! Got to run….must find three digit names and anything with an 8 in it FAST to flip to that cash hurling beast….and must also find out what is being smoked….that’s powerful stuff.

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