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Salient, Domain Strategies Team Up on Wifi.com

Companies ink deal to enhance wifi.com web site.

Salient Properties, which bought Wifi.com for $225,000 in 2006, has found a partner to help further develop the site. In an e-mail sent this evening, Salient Properties owner Stuart Wood (see Domain Name Wire profile) wrote:

Although I am not at liberty to go into extensive details, yet, I can tell you Salient Properties, LLC. (our parent company) has inked an agreement with Domain Strategies, Inc. to take the business to a new level. Domain Strategies is backed by Rob Monster (Monster Venture Partners), who has a proven record with startups and we are excited to be working together with Rob and Domain Strategies to develop WiFi.com, LLC. (the new business).

Wood has already developed Wifi.com into a resource of wifi hotspots. He developed a similar site for me at Wifi.us before I sold that domain last year. But the two companies have a lot more in store for the domain:

As of now WiFi.com is a wifi technology portal which offers all sorts of information about wifi. The new WiFi.com will be working toward a utility which will offer wifi users a “flick of the switch” solution for managing any/all wifi signals within range of the device. An added bonus will be full data encryption between devices (in air). Think secure, ubiquitous, wireless Internet, anywhere.

Sounds exciting, guys!

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  1. Steve

    Any idea how much wifi.com could be worth today? $225k in 2006 does not seem that much, I would have given it a higher valuation.

  2. Andrew

    I agree Steve. Gone up in value, although it would take a bit of work to get the right end user to buy it.

  3. Stephen Douglas

    My professional evaluation, with the site http://www.wifi.com, is that this domain is worth about $1.5 million.

    As wireless communications grow, and more wifi products and services become available and required, I think the value will grow yearly at about 25% overall based on the $1.5 mil, and that’s conservative. My gut feeling is 50% yearly, and at a “peak” performance level, it could jump to about 100 times today’s value. ($100 million). I think this could be realized within three years.

    If Wifi.com extended an email subscription service, extensive affiliate agreements, and ebooks explaining EZ wifi hookups, etc., it could rocket up some serious value. I should be emailing Stuart this info instead of posting it here. LOL

    Stephen Douglas
    Successful Domain Management™
    BLOG: http://www.Successclick.com
    “Own Your Competition™”

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