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How to Improve Your Parking Income, Video

Leonard Holmes of ParkQuick creates domain parking video.

by Leonard Holmes – If your domains have been parked with a service for at least a month, you now have an opportunity to increase your income. Take some time to examine your statistics in detail. Sort the domains by “uniques” or “landings” and look for those domains that get a lot of traffic but lower income. These are the domains that you want to try at another service. If your domains are currently at a Google-based service you should move the poorly-performing domains to a Yahoo-based service. If they are at a Yahoo-based service you should move the poorly-performing domains to a Google-based service. If you’ve already tried this, then consider moving them to a service using the same primary feed provider that will create a different type of landing page.

I produced my first screencast video showing people the basics of ParkQuick. I know that I need to quit saying “um,” but I’d appreciate any other feedback


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Leonard Holmes

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  1. Johnny B. Good says

    It moves horribly slow in explaining the site.

    I had a hard time waiting through it – he should explain it much faster.

    JMO 🙂

    Johnny B. Good

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