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Google’s domain name ambitions become clearer

Ever since Google became an ICANN accredited domain name registrar but announed that the company doesn’t plan to register domains, rumors have swirled about what Google’s intentions are. After hearing representatives of Google and the search industry speak at Search Engine Strategies NYC last week, I have a clearer picture of what Google wants to do. My first guess was mostly correct. Google will use its status as a registrar to better mine the WhoIs database to knock out search engine spam and to remove “value” from expired domains.

-Search engine spam: When google catches a search engine spammer, it will be able to cross reference his name from WhoIs to delete any of his other sites (which most likely contain spam) from its index.

-Expired domains: About a year ago Google started “deleting” from its index domains that were about to expire. This helped stop people from buying expired domains to use the popularity the previous web site had. But then sites like SnapNames started offering a service to get expired domains before they completed the domain dropping cycle, thereby retaining link popularity and indexing. With a better handle on which domains are deleting from each registrar, they might be able to combat this. Google might also be able to cross reference changes in the registrant name.

This assumes that Google is granted full access to WhoIs with their accredited status. Maybe an insider can reflect light on this?

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