Nintendo files complaint over

Company says owner is cybersquatting with domain name.

WiiuNintendo released WiiU, the successor to its popular Wii video game system Wii, in November. But it was missing a key online marketing ingredient: the domain name

Now it has filed a cybersquatting complaint with World Intellectual Property Forum in an effort to get the domain name.

The whois record for the domain shows a registration date of 2004, well before Nintendo came up with the name for its new system. It was likely registered because it was a four letter domain.

But whois records make it difficult to determine when the current owner acquired the domain name. The domain expired in January, but the privacy service and whois record is the same as before it expired, so the owner may have renewed it. The nameservers on the domain changed after it went into expired status, which is a sign that a new owner may have picked it up.

Regardless, I find it odd that Nintendo filed a complaint rather than just buying the domain. It’s available for a fixed price of $8,499 on BuyDomains, which is a small price to pay for a huge product name like this…especially when the UDRP isn’t a slam dunk.