ICANN terminates registrar with over 75,000 domain names

Registrar blamed for not maintaining accurate registrant data.

ICANN has followed up on its threats by terminating Bargin Register’s registrar accreditation.

ICANN sent a breach notice to the company in November, stating that the company had failed to respond to UDRP verification requests from multiple UDRP providers.

According to the termination notice (pdf), as of February 20 the registrar still hadn’t maintained registration data and records for at least one domain and had failed to make registration records and data available to ICANN upon reasonable notice.

The termination of the Grand Cayman registrar is effective March 22.

Back in November Bargin Register’s home page was just a login page. It has been updated to offer domain registration, but the prices are hardly a “bargin”: $49.99 for a .com registration.

As of the end of October the company had over 75,000 .com domain name registrations according to Verisign data reports.

ICANN threatens registrar for failing to respond to UDRP requests

Registrar not responding to UDRP verification requests, says ICANN.

ICANN has sent a notice of breach to Grand Cayman domain name registrar Bargin Register, Inc., for failing to respond to UDRP verification requests.

In a letter dated November 19 (pdf), ICANN claims that Bargin Register has frequently failed to respond to UDRP verification requests from multiple UDRP providers.

The latest issue appears to involve the domain name Rexrothdistributors.com, which was subject to a UDRP with Asian Doman Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC).

Although I’ve never heard of Bargin Register before (yes, that’s how it’s spelled), it was the registrar for nearly 80,000 .com domain names as of July.

The landing page at BarginRegister.com is merely a single login page. A screenshot from 2011 shows a more typical registrar home page. The registrar’s domain name itself is oddly registered at GoDaddy.

Bargin Register has until December 12 to respond to ICANN or it will face losing its registrar accreditation.