NameJet Expired Domain Name Review

Joseph Peterson takes a look at recent expired domain name sales at NameJet.

NameJet’s 2 top-performing expired domain auctions from the past week overlap with stories in the news elsewhere. ($5.3k) brings to mind a UDRP filed against, which was just reported 4 days ago. Are the events related? NameJet’s auction precedes the UDRP story by 3 days, and the buyer is located in China. So perhaps not.

You will remember that Alibaba’s 2014 IPO was the largest initial public offering ever. What are the odds that the Chinese buyer of ($5.2k) had something in mind other than this multi-billion-dollar Chinese company? Setting that question aside, it’s significant that the top 2 purchases are (not for the first time) Chinese. Click here to continue reading…, and other Expired Domain Name Sales

Joseph Peterson reviews the past week of expired domain name sales at NameJet.

Without the added attraction of money, games of chance are a bit boring compared to games of skill or strategy. So it’s fair to assume (with its $9.5k high bid) stands for slot-machine-style gambling rather than chess, basketball, or mine sweeper. Luck rather devalues success, although lottery winners seldom tear up those oversized novelty checks. Click here to continue reading and to see the list…

NameJet Expired Domain Report

Frank Schilling made a comment yesterday regarding NameJet that I believe is significant – and not because it’s anything new … rather the opposite. Many people, myself included, have observed rising final auction prices and speculated about the intermixture of wholesale and retail purchases at NameJet going back at least a year. So why does it matter (and it does) that Frank Schilling calls the present an “interesting moment where the line between wholesale and retail is getting closer than before”? Click here to continue reading…

Last week’s NameJet Expired Domain Sales

Joseph Peterson details recent expired domain name sales at NameJet.

After a couple of weeks during which Chinese purchases topped the expired domain auction list at NameJet, English is back. In the driver’s seat sits an exact-match domain that defines a ubiquitous commercial category: ($4.9k). ($2.8k) called shotgun – an EMD as well yet geographically specific. Although this duo was fairly expensive, both are ultimately worth more. You can’t walk 1 city block in Chicago without passing a printed sign or a divorcé(e).

Some day, ($2.6k) might be to blame for a few of those divorces! And you’ll need that lawyer to hold onto your ($2k). Somebody out there can use these very domains to spell out his life story, beginning with excessive use of ($2.1k) in the 1980s. Click to continue reading…

Here’s what sold at NameJet this past week

Joseph Peterson reviews the previous week’s expired domain name sales on NameJet.

China is perched at the top of our chart – same as last week. The high expired domain sale from NameJet was ($11.9k), which – if experience is any guide – probably has multiple meanings apart from being a proper name. In spite of its resemblance to the English word “symmetry”, ($1.8k) is bound for a Chinese audience also, as are ($1.9k), ($713), and possibly 2 or 3 others among the shorter domains whose buyers haven’t yet been revealed. Click to seed more sales…