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  • Expired Domain Report: a strong .net sale and more

    1. BY - Oct 30, 2014
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    Joseph Peterson takes a look at the past week in the expired domain name market.

    There has been some discussion this past year among domain investors about the market outlook for .NET domains. Traditionally, .NET has played second fiddle to .COM for the most part, and some predict that wave after wave of new TLD releases can only erode .NET’s position. Just last week, a DNW reader expressed the view that “.NET is slowly dying”. Not everyone shares that opinion, however, as witnessed by NameJet’s $8.7k auction of, which received 178 bids from 140 bidders. Few brand names are as vivid as “Pink”; and when a concise, versatile name in .COM is unobtainable / unaffordable, many of us will happily brand our internet ventures with .NET instead. Click here to continue reading …

  • Over 200 expired domain name sales [results]

    1. BY - Oct 24, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Joseph Peterson reviews the past week of expired domain name auctions.

    It will surprise some people that the country responsible for last week’s #2 Namejet expired auction is Turkey. ($11.4k) describes a seaside resort region. No, Italy, Greece, and Spain are not the only countries on the Mediterranean. ICANN has offices in Turkey, and so do domain investors. Meanwhile, there’s nothing surprising about the $16k sale of China has deep pockets and loves brevity.

    After those 2, ($5.6k) struggles to be seen in last week’s sales chart. Even so, it’s a superb domain for SEO or advertising in general. I’m curious about the decision process behind the purchase of ($3.1k). A few possible uses for this common phrase come to mind, but only the buyer knows his own plans. Click here to continue reading…

  • Expired Domain Report: A Chinese Takeover!

    1. BY - Oct 16, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Joseph Peterson reviews the past week’s expired domain sales.

    Pretty soon, not speaking Chinese will disqualify me from reporting on the domain market altogether!  So many of the big-ticket domain sales look eastward — numerical domains, LL through LLLL, and Chinese Pinyin.  China dominated NameJet charts in September, and China tops the list of last week’s GoDaddy expired auctions as well with ($26k). One possible meaning of “Chāo Zhī”, believe it or not, is “overspend”. But it’s also a personal name. Honestly, with Chinese I’ll never get my bearings until I buckle down and teach myself Mandarin. Perhaps some native speaker out there can point me in the right direction on this one … or ($10.6k). Click to continue reading…

  • 31 notable domain sales from NameJet

    1. BY - Oct 14, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Joseph Peterson reviews notable domain name sales at NameJet last month.

    During September, NameJet closed 80 domain sales at or above $2,000  – down slightly from August’s spike of 95 but consistent with May (76), June (69), and July (82).

    NameJetContinuing my experiment from last month’s article, I’ll be using a “compare & contrast” format to pair off domains according to price. Just maybe, that will shed some light on market value, branding or investment strategy. But mainly it’s an excuse to cram more domains into the discussion! Click to continue reading…

  • Expired Domain Name Report: $12k and more

    1. BY - Oct 09, 2014
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    In a world of iPods and iPads, why is worth money requires little explanation. Bidding for that expired domain came in just shy of $12k last week at NameJet — with retirement planning and personal investing being its most obvious applications.

    I’m less persuaded that was good value at $6.5k. Not to knock transcendence, but a “USA” suffix can feel tacked on. Usually it’s the mark of brands looking to cut corners on domain selection — to transcend the “Sorry, [your domain] is not available” message at the registrar by settling for whatever is at hand. Be that as it may, bidders were probably motivated by back links not branding in this case. sold flash memory devices in years gone by. Click here to see the expired domain name sales