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  • Over 200 Expired Domain Sales Results, including

    1. BY - Dec 11, 2014
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    Joseph Peterson reviews the past week’s expired domain name sales.

    The combat sport that brought Jean-Claude Van Damme to the silver screen (and eventually put “the Muscles from Brussels” to work in maracas-shaking GoDaddy commercials) had a notable expired domain sale last week: ended at NameJet just a dollar shy of $12k. I’d say is agile enough to be used inside or outside the literal ring, and we may see it developed with no reference to athletics at all. Click here to continue reading…

  • 2 weeks of expired domain name sales

    1. BY - Dec 05, 2014
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    This article covers a 2-week period on either side of Thanksgiving: 19 November – 2 December. For that reason, you’ll see the sales list crammed full to bursting like a ($662). I was going to jettison everything below $300 to save space, but I figure readers can quite easily scroll past extra information.

    GoDaddy’s top expired auction last week comes as a bit of a surprise. Whatever its accrued merits for SEO, the 4-word, 23-letter ($10k) sure ain’t a looker! At this stage, the domain hasn’t changed hands; but it may have been bought by the folks at the more attractively named, whose equipment isn’t just for barns, it turns out. Click to continue reading…

  • GoDaddy Hangout to explain Expired Domains

    1. BY - Dec 04, 2014
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    What happens when a domain name expires?

    Expired domainsGoDaddy is hosting a Hangout this afternoon that will be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about expired domain names.

    I think this will be a good online event for anyone who doesn’t understand the lifecycle of a domain name and what they should do if they want to acquire an expiring domain. It will also be helpful for domain name investors who want to learn more about GoDaddy’s expired domain purchasing options. In addition to general information about how domain names expire, the hosts will also (of course) talk about how you can acquire expired domain names at GoDaddy.

    There’s a Q&A at the end, which means domain investors can ask some of those questions they have about GoDaddy expired domains but didn’t know who at GoDaddy to ask.

    The event will be hosted by GoDaddy lead broker Brian Cowan, Product Manager Joe Styler and Senior Domain Aftermarket Advisor Wes Fullington. It kicks off at 5PM CST; you can participate here.

  • at $20k and other expired domain name sales

    1. BY - Nov 20, 2014
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    Joseph Peterson summarizes weekly expired domain name sales

    Once again, China tops our list of last week’s expired domain auctions. This time it’s GoDaddy with ($20.3k), meaning … you tell me! Various working professionals share that name. (There’s a certified public accountant using, for instance.) Yet I suspect that coupling “Hua” (transform or blossom) + “Gao” (tall or above average) conveys some other meaning in Chinese. After seeing that “xuě huā gāo” means “cold cream”, I’d guess something along the lines of “enhance” or “improve”. But I’m stabbing in the dark here, really. In combination these single-character Chinese ideograms disclose a weird synergy. Click here to continue reading…

  • Reviewing last month’s NameJet sales

    1. BY - Nov 14, 2014
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    Joseph Peterson takes a look at some of last month’s notable domain name sales at NameJet.

    If I were to tell you that, by selling 66 domains at or above the $2,000 mark during October, NameJet recorded one of its lowest monthly domain counts ever, that would be quite misleading. True, only 5 out of the past 41 months have fared worse in terms of the quantity of domains clearing $2k. But during all the previous months in which NameJet sold 66 or fewer domains (mostly during 2011), the mean sale amount ranged between $3,299 and $4,451. Last month averaged $7,592. In any case, October wasn’t far off the median domain count of 79.


    As with August and September, I’ll be pairing off NameJet sales by price paid … in the maybe misguided hope that comparing apples to oranges can be fruitful. Some couples get along better than others. And, as is often the case, it’s lonely at the top: Click here to continue reading…