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  • Expired domain guru wanted to write for DNW

    1. BY - Apr 14, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Are you an expired domain junkie? Do you follow and actively participate in expired domain auctions at NameJet, SnapNames, and (perhaps) even GoDaddy auctions?

    Do you also enjoy writing?

    Domain Name Wire is seeking someone to write a weekly expired domain article that covers both recent sales as well as hot domains coming up in the next 7 days. The article will be more than a list of domains to backorder.

    The best candidate will be someone who actively participates in expired domain auctions because you’ll need to track closing prices on some of the hotter auctions.

    Please contact me at andrew (at) if you’re interested. Include a bit about your background if I don’t already personally know you. Remuneration options are flexible.

  • GoDaddy Auctions down, auctions will be extended until tomorrow

    1. BY - Apr 03, 2014
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    GoDaddy Auctions experiences outage and will extend auctions by a day.

    GoDaddy’s auction site at has been down for over an hour and GoDaddy is working to get the site back up.

    Here’s a statement from GoDaddy Sr. Director, Aftermarket Paul Nicks:

    We noticed an issue with our Web page today. We suspended the auction process temporarily, and are working to restore service as soon as possible. Once we’re back up, we will be extending any auctions set to end today by an extra day. We will update you when service is restored.

    I’ll update this story with any additional information as it becomes available.

    Update: GoDaddy Auctions is back up. Here’s a comment from Nicks:

    We took our GoDaddy auction website offline earlier today after our monitoring systems alerted us to a potential issue. Once we confirmed the health of our system, we took additional time to reset our auction end dates. is now up and running. As a reminder, we will be extending any auctions set to end today by an extra day. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


  • Some SnapNames-caught domains to be managed at NetworkSolutions

    1. BY - Apr 02, 2014
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    Domains caught by SnapName’s own registrars will be managed through Network Solutions.

    SnapNamesHere’s the first notable change as a result of acquiring expired domain marketplace SnapNames.

    SnapNames announced today that domain names acquired through a SnapNames credential (i.e. registrar) will now be managed via registrar Network Solutions. Previously these names were managed by Moniker.

    I can already hear the collective groan from domainers not wanting domains at Network Solutions given the labor of transferring domains out.

    The good news is that domainers will get discounted pricing on domains kept at Network Solutions that were acquired through SnapNames. .Com domains will renew at $9.59 per year. Although a bit pricier than some rivals, at least you won’t feel forced to transfer the domain out after one year to avoid a hefty renewal fee.

  • After winning UDRP, Denver Nuggets let domain name expire

    1. BY - Mar 17, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Denver’s NBA team fought hard for domain name but then dropped the ball.

    Denver NuggetsAfter going through the effort to win the domain name in a UDRP, the NBA team has failed to renew the domain name.

    It now points to an expired domain parked page including ads for Denver Nuggets tickets. [Update: the Nuggets have renewed the domain name.]

    The basketball team won a UDRP for the domain name in 2009, but the history of the domain name since then is a bit confusing.

    Domain names won in a UDRP are transferred ten days after the decision. In this case the domain name still listed the respondent in Whois for several weeks after the decision.

    The email address then changed to the one the NBA uses to manage domain names, but it was “spelled out” as internicadmin (at) nba dot com for over a year. That means the NBA wouldn’t receive notices from the registrar.

    It change the name servers and physical mailing address to the NBA at the same time.

    But the listed registrant remained the respondent in the UDRP until the time the domain name expired. The NBA also never transferred the domain name to the registrar it uses to manage its domain names.

    It seems like sloppy domain name management led to the expiration.

    The Denver Nuggets promote as their web address, although I’m sure plenty of people type in

  • NameJet to retain expired domain inventory despite SnapNames acquisition

    1. BY - Mar 03, 2014
    2. Expired Domains
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    Valuable expired domain names will continue to be auctioned off through NameJet.

    SnapNamesNews broke over the weekend that had acquired expired domain name service and domain marketplace SnapNames from KeyDrive.

    The first question to pop in to mind for many people is what this means for competing service NameJet. NameJet is a partnership between and Demand Media. also sends its expired domain name inventory from Network Solutions and to NameJet.

    This is some of the best expired domain inventory because’s registrars have been around for a long time. Older expiring domain names are often valuable.

    I reached out to to find out what the acquisition means for NameJet. The company confirmed that Demand Media is not involved with the SnapNames acquisition. It also said that it will continue to send domain names from Network Solutions and to NameJet.

    I questioned the inevitable conflict between owning SnapNames outright and only part of NameJet. Here’s what the company had to say:

    The acquisition of SnapNames enables to enhance its existing domain related assets and provide additional services for customers who are looking for specific domain name addresses. In today’s expanding domain resale marketplace, SnapNames is a global industry leader with experience and expertise in domain lifecycle management and auction services.

    The statement doesn’t disclose much. In an F.A.Q. document, the company writes:

    SnapNames’ experience and leadership will help us enhance services currently offered to customers. In addition, we believe that this acquisition complements NameJet, which is the domain name auction platform that we manage through our joint venture partnership with Rightside. Together, we will be able to provide additional flexibility to service the domain name aftermarket by providing increased expertise and knowledge sharing to better serve our customers.

    It will be interesting to see how SnapNames vs. NameJet plays out in the coming months.