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  • Demand Media spin-off of Rightside set for August 1

    1. BY - Jul 14, 2014
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    Rightside’s debut as its own publicly-traded company is imminent.

    RightsideDemand Media plans to complete the spin-off of its domain name business on August 1.

    Rightside will become its own public company on that date. It will trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol “name”.

    Demand Media shareholders will receive one Rightside share for each five shares of Demand Media stock they own.

    Rightside owns a number of domain name businesses covering the entire spectrum of the domain name business:

    Registry Service – Rightside Registry provides domain name registry services to new TLD operators including Donuts and itself.

    Registry – the company is an applicant for many of its own new TLDs. It will probably operate around 50 of its own top level domain names, including .ninja and .democrat.

    Domain Registration – Rightside owns both the largest reseller registrar (eNom) and a large retail registrar (

    Domain Parking – the company owns domain parking company Hotkeys. It also parks a number of domains on its registrar platforms.

    Expired domains and aftermarket sales – NameJet is a 50/50 partnership between Rightside and

    Domainer – Rightside is also a domainer investor with over 300,000 owned and operated domain names.

  • launches as a Prosper for domain names

    1. BY - Jun 16, 2014
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    Peer-to-peer loans use domain names as collateral.

    Lend.meFrancois Carrillo, who runs the news aggregation site, has launched, a loan marketplace for domain name owners.

    It’s a peer-to-peer loan marketplace similar to Prosper and LendingClub. A key difference is that the loans are secured with domain names.

    The site acts as a matchmaking site between people who want to lend money and those that want to borrow. Much like on the popular peer-to-peer sites, the borrower posts what they are going to use the money for and a plan to repay it. They also select a loan term between three months and three years.

    Borrowers must offer up domain names they’re willing to place as collateral for the loan.

    Lenders respond to loan requests and propose interest terms. doesn’t play a role other than matchmaker; the money changes hands via participating escrow services.

    I’ve long been interested in peer-to-peer lending, and Carrillo has come up with an interesting twist on it. I think it’s generally a good idea. It will be interesting to see how it works in practice.

    One key question: How many domain name owners who need a loan be willing to post about it “publicly”.

    Lenders should also consider loan regulations in their home country and state before participating.

  • TRAFFIC conference heads to Las Vegas in two weeks

    1. BY - May 13, 2014
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    Domain name conference returns to Vegas later this month.

    TRAFFICThis year’s TRAFFIC conference in Las Vegas is quickly approaching.

    The event will formally kick off May 28 and conclude with breakfast on Saturday, May 31. TRAFFIC in Vegas is being hosted at The Bellagio for the second year in a row.

    Conference registration is still available for $1,595. The Bellagio room block is now closed. I just searched for a room checking in Wednesday May 28 and checking out Saturday and found one for an average of $279 per night.

    TRAFFIC organizers have also opened early bird registration for the fall show in Miami October 30-Nov 2. Pricing is $995.

    This may be the last TRAFFIC in Las Vegas for a while. Show organizers hinted at a new West Coast location for 2015, possibly due to the NamesCon event in Las Vegas in January 2015 and the absence of DomainFest in Los Angeles next year.

  • People care about one thing when picking a domain name escrow company: Reputation

    1. BY - May 12, 2014
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    Reputation first. Everything else is just details.

    What matters to domain name investors when they select a domain name escrow company?

    The biggest factor by far is reputation, according to participants in this year’s Domain Name Wire survey.

    Survey-takers were asked to select the “primary reason” they use the escrow service they use most often.

    Asked to choose between eight factors, 46% said reputation is most important. That’s a strong number made even more important because the second closest factor was chosen by just 12% of respondents.

    Here are rankings of the top five.

    1. Reputation 46%
    2. Ease of use/user interface 12%
    3. Customer service 9%
    4. Price 7%
    5. They’re licensed 5%

    Factors selected by less than 5% of respondents, including write-ins, include funding & withdrawal options, dispute resolution policy, privacy of transactions, security, and buyer comfort.

    These factors are more important now that the number of domain escrow services is growing. 26% of survey respondents said they’re considering trying a new escrow service this year.

  • How domain registrars and merchants accept Bitcoin without currency risk

    1. BY - Apr 09, 2014
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    Several companies make it easier to accept digital currencies with reduced risk.

    GoCoinI’ve always wondered how companies like and accept bitcoin payments while avoiding the risk of an exchange dying (e.g. Mt. Gox) and currency fluctuations.

    I got the answer last week when I ran in to Jessica Besseling at DomainFest.

    Besseling formerly worked for DomainSponsor and, and now she’s Sr. Director of Business Development for GoCoin.

    GoCoin is a payment gateway for merchants to accept currencies including bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. After a merchant integrates the service, they can then accept these payment options along with their normal options. GoCoin converts the payments to “real” currencies and transfers them to the merchants’ bank accounts daily.

    One benefit to merchants is obvious: it expands the customer base. It also turns out it’s a lot less expensive than credit card processing fees.

    GoCoin is certainly not the first company in this space. A quick Google search turns up BitPay and CoinBase.

    I would imagine these types of services will make it easier for domain registrars (and even escrow services?) to accept these new currencies.