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  • Due diligence is necessary before buying liquid domain names

    1. BY - Oct 07, 2014
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    Take these extra precautions when buying a valuable domain name.

    With news yesterday of more missing three letter domain names at a couple different domain registrars, now is a good time to remind people about due diligence when buying a domain name.

    This is especially important for “liquid” domain names like three letter domains. Three letter domains have a floor value at which they can be quickly sold to a ready market of buyers. This makes them a favorite of thieves.

    Here are some considerations if you’re buying a liquid domain name: Click here to continue reading…

  • acquires escrow service

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2014
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    Escrow service that launched this year is gobbled up by largest online escrow company.

    Escrow.comFor the past year, the number of online escrow companies targeting the domain industry has grown considerably. It’s about to shrink by one. announced today that it has acquired from Thought Convergence. This is Thought Convergence’s second divestiture in as many weeks; last week it announced the sale of Click to continue reading…

  • Apple iOS 8 tip #10: selecting TLDs from the keyboard

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2014
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    Millions of iOS 8 users are being reminded about how to quickly insert .com using the iOS keyboard.

    iPhone .com tipI made the switch from Android to iOS last week with the iPhone 6.

    iOS 8 has a “tips” app that pushes a new usage tip to you every few days. It’s helpful for someone like me who’s learning a new operating system. Some things in iOS aren’t intuitive to those that haven’t used the operating system before.

    Last night I received a push notification about shortcuts for typing .com and other “suffixes” directly from the keyboard. The tip, the 10th in the series, is pictured to the right.

    You might recall that iPhones and iPads used to have a .com key. That was dropped in iOS 7, but there was still a shortcut to easily insert .com from the keyboard, and the same shortcut exists in iOS 8.

    Essentially, if you hold the period button (.) for a second it inserts .com. When doing this, you can also slide over to select .us, .org, .edu or .net.

  • Is Verisign’s plan for a standards group part of its patent play?

    1. BY - Sep 24, 2014
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    Company’s CEO disclosed creating an industry group as part of monetizing its patent portfolio.

    VerisignVerisign recently announced plans to organize a group called Registration Operations Association (ROA) to discuss technical aspects of domain name registration.

    A three part blog series proposing the group, penned by Verisign Senior Director Scott Hollenbeck, focuses on Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) and the challenges of registrars working with different EPP extensions created by the growing number of registries.

    Parties in the domain registration ecosystem might be cool to Verisign’s overtures. After all, they’re still stinging from Verisign’s efforts to slow down the introduction of new top level domain names.

    Also, given that registrars have no problems with Verisign’s own EPP, they might question what Verisign seeks to gain by helping other registries.

    The answer might be found in Verisign’s second quarter investor call in July. Verisign CEO James Bidzos said: Click to continue reading…

  • CentralNic: Early new TLD demand below industry expectations

    1. BY - Sep 23, 2014
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    Company says its registry operations are showing steady growth despite delays and low demand for new TLDs.

    CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) issued its interim financial report for the first half of 2014 today.

    The company, which is the backend registry operator for a number of top level domains, said it’s realizing steady growth in the registry “against a background of delays in new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and early demand levels across the industry falling short of industry expectations.”

    In the same release, it mentions its investment in .Ticket registry Accent Media Ltd that values .Tickets at $13.5 million.


    Maybe, maybe not. I think the general line of thinking amongst new TLD backers is that initial demand was lower than expected, but they still think the long game plays out well for them.

    That’s the only explanation for companies paying what they are to win contention sets.

    That, or they all think they’re the exception that will do better than their competitors.