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  • Headliners added to NamesCon: Atallah, Alexander

    1. BY - Nov 25, 2014
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    Akram Atallah and Fiona Alexander have been added to the NamesCon agenda.

    Akram AtallahNamesCon, taking place in Las Vegas January 11-14, has added a couple big names to its agenda for the first full day of the conference.

    On Monday, July 12, I will have a fireside chat with the president of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, Akram Atallah (pictured). Atallah is in charge of generic domain operations, domain name industry engagement and web services at ICANN. This includes new top level domain names.

    Fiona Alexander has also been added to the schedule for Monday, and will give opening remarks. Alexander is Associate Administrator, Office of International Affairs, NTIA, US Department of Commerce. It’s the Department of Commerce that is involved with Verisign’s contract to run .com, and it’s also the group that currently assigns the contract for IANA functions. This is the contract currently at the center of much discussion about the U.S. government “giving up control” of the internet.

    These are two big additions for NamesCon, and it shows the breadth of the conference. NamesCon is shaping up to appeal to all segments of the domain name industry.

  • Frank Schilling changes strategy for .Click launch

    1. BY - Nov 20, 2014
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    Dot Click5 more Uniregistry domain names go into general availability next week. And for one of them, .click, Frank Schilling is taking a different strategy when it comes to holding back domain names.

    In previous launches, Schilling’s companies have registered thousands — even tens out thousands — of names ahead of general availability launch. That left frustrated domainers searching through the scraps. This was especially notable because Shilling said last January they they wouldn’t hold many domains back.

    With .click, the registry is only holding back single character domains. Also, because .Click has already passed the “controlled interruption” period for name collisions, there won’t be a block list there.

    In other words, a free-for-all. No premium pricing, no names held back.

    Retail prices will also be $6.88 or less, Schilling says.

    It will be interesting to see how this affects early registration numbers.

  • New TLDs should emulate the model for premium domains

    1. BY - Nov 12, 2014
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    Program promotes .Club while also generating premium domain sales revenue.’s new program is ingenious, and something that other new top level domains should consider emulating.

    Here’s in a nutshell: get a premium .club domain name but pay it off over 10 years, and .Club will also give you PR and marketing support. Click to continue reading…

  • Judging by the sponsor list, NamesCon 2015 is going to be huge

    1. BY - Nov 11, 2014
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    Already 40 sponsors lined up for January’s NamesCon event.

    It may be hard to believe, but NamesCon 2015 is just two months away.

    And, judging by an updated sponsorship list for 2015, it’s going to be a very big conference.

    Uniregistry is taking top billing for the event, and there are six Gold sponsors: Afilias, Endurance, GoDaddy, Verisign, Right of the Dot and TLD Registry.

    I count 40 sponsors in all, not including media sponsors. That’s a lot, and indicative of anticipated attendance at the event.

    Last year’s event pulled in over 500 people with just 3 months notice. I expect this year’s attendance to be much higher.

    But rather than making my own uneducated forecasts, tune in to the Domain Name Wire Podcast next week to hear all about the upcoming NamesCon conference from co-producer Jothan Frakes.

  • BuyDomains and the economics of large domain portfolios

    1. BY - Nov 06, 2014
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    Should very large domain name portfolios be valued per domain or on sales and profitability metrics?

    BuyDomainsThe sale of this week, including a portfolio of close to a million domains for something less than $80 per domain, has raised eyebrows.

    On Tuesday, I wrote a bit about the BuyDomains’ business and how the valuation might make sense when viewed from a different perspective.

    This post will go into a bit more depth, and compare BuyDomains to other domain portfolio business models. Click here to continue reading…