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Introducing the new Domain Name Wire

Please welcome a refreshed experience at Domain Name Wire.

Domain Name Wire logo has DNW in navy font with an light blue square in the lower left corner of the D and Domain Name Wire below it

I’m excited to launch a refreshed version of Domain Name Wire this evening.

Best practices and trends in news sites have changed a lot since I began publishing Domain Name Wire in 2005. The last significant redesign of the site was in 2013, and it is time for a change.

Here are some changes you’ll notice in the redesign:

  • Built for speed! I tasked my web designer with building a fast site and he delivered. Google focuses on what it calls “Core Web Vitals,” and the old version of Domain Name Wire was miserable. The previous version scored a pitiful 24 on mobile and 84 on desktop. The new version scores about 95 on mobile and 100 on desktop.
  • See the most popular recent articles and latest podcasts at the top of the home page.
  • A new logo. Trends in logo design have changed in recent years and the old Domain Name Wire logo needed an overhaul.
  • A cleaner design.

Redesigning a site is tricky. I wanted to make sure my advertisers continue to get excellent visibility, so we built a better design for readers and advertisers. A big shout out to Ryan Townley for making this possible.

Please let me know if you see anything that’s not working correctly with the redesign.

Want some swag with the new DNW logo? The first ten people to comment on this post and say “I want the swag” will get some cool stuff in the mail. U.S. addresses only, please.  (Don’t put your address in the comments. I’ll contact you for it.)

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  1. thelegendaryjp says

    While everything looks great, fresh, clean etc I have to say it may be personal but the heavy left alignment hurts my head/eyes, much easier reading centered.

  2. Sedo says

    Hi Andrew, the redesign and all the mentioned improvements are looking great! The Sedo team continues to look forward to a good cooperation with DNW.

  3. Kevin Murphy says

    Looking pretty good! Your designer did a great job. My only reservation would be that the first headline on the front page is below the fold in my browser, even when I’m not zoomed in..

  4. Nick says

    I like it, I’d lke it with less white, only because too much white hurts my eyes, but that’s just me,

  5. rico7311 says

    This design is better. since it is easier to find the very interesting podcasts.
    However, the old logo was much better. The old logo-image was absolutely great.

  6. WordMills says

    Yes the logo designer was loafing. The W is a good opportunity for a curly wire typeface, eg Bella Donna. Possibly write Wire in full, in cap and lower case.

  7. TheOnline says

    Wow, the page loads quite faster on desktop. The new logo looks more elegant and professional. Can I know which cache plugin do you use?

  8. J.R. says

    Congrats on the clean new look.

    My 2 cents, ‘popular articles’ section was better located on the left margins. When I visit DNW, the first post I want to see are latest articles or podcasts.

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