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Top Level Design acquires .tattoo domain name

Domain was sold during UNR auction last year.

Woman with tattoos giving a tattoo on another woman's neck and shoulders

Top Level Design has acquired the .tattoo domain name from UNR.

The domain was one of 23 Frank Schilling’s UNR put on the auction block last year.

It’s been over a year since the auction, but ICANN finally approved the domain transfer. ICANN put the transfers on pause because UNR marketed the domains with an NFT that supposedly gave rights to the domain in Ethereum Name Service, and because UNR suggested the buyers would have “ownership” of the extensions rather than just a license to operate them.

ICANN required the changes to the contracts between UNR and the winning bidders before approving the transfers.

The .tattoo purchase makes sense for Top Level Design, which already operates the .ink domain popular with tattoo aficionados. The company also operates .wiki and .gay. It sold .design to GoDaddy last year shortly before the UNR auction.

.Tattoo has fewer than 3,000 domains in the zone.

The domain was one of the first that Frank Schilling launched. You can see him philosophize about what tattoos mean in this launch video.

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