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Dan.com adds categories and improves conversion on hybrid lander

Dan.com releases new features, including domain categories.

Dan.com category option shows domain categories IDN domains, almost expired domains, discount domains, 2 letter domains
You can now divide your domains into categories, and a future release will allow you to set category-wide settings.

Domain name sales platform Dan.com announced a product update today, including the ability to add domains to user-defined categories.

We should probably call domain categories “category light” at this time because their functionality is limited. But the next release should include category-wide settings, which will be a significant improvement.

For now, you can put your domains in any category you set up, such as short domains, two word domains, or domains categorized by high and low value.

In an upcoming release, you’ll be able to set category-wide settings. This will allow you to easily set different landing page types by category. For example, you might create a category of sub-$5,000 domains and apply financing as an option to those domains while keeping it off more expensive domains. Or, you might enable “make offer” on more expensive domains.

Another improvement is with Dan.com’s hybrid landing pages. These pages include both pay-per-click links through a partnership with Bodis and a link to buy the domain. Dan.com tweaked the lander and says the changes have improved ad revenue and sales.

More details on these features and others the company just rolled out are in Dan.com product update #5.

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