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Sense closes $105 million in funding using Sense.com

Sense acquires its great domain fairly early in its lifetime.

Home page for Sense shows the sense device, which helps homes manage energy use

Energy usage is one of the major topics of 2022. With the cost of oil and gas surging worldwide due to the war in Ukraine, consumer energy prices are climbing. Rising bills are bringing awareness to the energy consumed by running home, with some homeowners turning to technology to help monitor their consumption.

Massachusetts-based Sense is one company giving people the tools to help monitor their home energy usage through a smart device attached to a home’s electrical panel. Sense’s accompanying app offers insights to help curb unnecessary energy usage.

There’s likely to be a correlation between Sense’s energy-saving credentials, the public’s need to reduce energy usage, and its recent mammoth funding round. In April, Sense announced it had closed a $105 million Series C funding round to help the company expand.

Sense and its product offering have come a long way since it was formed in 2013. The company has always offered a product range designed to save energy, but its technology has advanced with development, to the point where Sense has now introduced machine learning AI to offer “in-home intelligence.”

From a domain perspective, Sense secured its exact-match .com, Sense.com, relatively early.

The company sensibly launched on SenseHome.com, securing a low-cost domain while focusing its attention on product development.

Fueled by $4 million worth of seed funding in 2014, Sense acquired its exact-match .com, with the domain changing hands in mid-2015. The company acquired Sense.com from Telia Norge, a Norwegian mobile phone operator who received the domain after buying Sense Communications in the early 2000s.

Ever since, Sense has operated on Sense.com and has raised $148 million in disclosed funding since acquiring its exact-match .com.

As a consumer-facing company that aims to provide a key, trusted device within a home, Sense needs to make a positive first impression with potential buyers. Operating on Sense.com certainly helps with that.

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  1. J.R. says

    It good sense, to acquire the EMD brand match dot-Com earlier than later.

    Startups are getting smarter, acting faster.

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