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These 14 companies bought domains on the aftermarket this week

A robotic lawnmower company, an autonomous store creator, and a machine learning company bought domain names.

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Sedo had a good sales week in terms of volume, turning in 79 public sales of $2,000 or more. The top two sales weren’t .com: casinoapps .org for $42,500 and pfp.xyz for $34,999. The first one was previously a website so it might have some backlinks.

Here’s a list of the end user domain name sales I found that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

LegalWizard.com $12,500 – Plaintiff Funding Corp provides cash to plaintiffs waiting for settlements.

Mähroboter.de €9,500 – This site sells robotic lawnmowers. The domain translates as mowing robot.

Storelift.es €7,000 – Storelift makes Boxy, an autonomous store concept.

TriangleFinancialServices.com $6,999 – Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a diversified company mostly focused on auto parts. One of its services is Triangle Credit Cards.

Belastingaangifte.nl €6,600 – This domain is Dutch for tax return, and the buyers are creating a service for faster tax return filing.

FedML.com $4,500 – Devron is a machine learning company. One of its segments is government, so this might be short for Federal Machine Learning.

Mavatar.com $4,500 – This is cool. Mavatar creates a digital twin of health patients and then uses this to determine the optimal treatment for that patient.

Ocean24.com $4,000 – This domain forwards to richtig-schiffen.de, where you can buy ferry tickets.

SesamSec.com €3,999 – SesamSec GmbH provides RFID readers for the security industry. It forwards this domain to its website at sesam.de.

Oqoro.com $2,500 – Mon Bel Appart offers rentals in France. I’m not sure what it will use this domain for.

GetOrchestra.com $2,499 – I’m not sure what Orchestra will be, but it has a cool holding page.

Loadgate.com $2,495 – The buyer’s site is under development. If the initial text is something it created (as opposed to filler text from the template), this company will offer an “Online Delivery and Plant Booking System.”

BoredBrothers.com $2,195 – This will be a site dedicated to Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Circular.city €2,000 – HafenCity Hamburg GmbH manages the development of a new urban area on the Elbe, Hamburg.

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  1. Bill Sweetman says

    FYI and hello from the Great White North: Canadian Tire (a.k.a. Crappy Tire, said with affection) is a major Canadian retailer and iconic Canuck brand second only to Tim Hortons (a.k.a. Timmies). They also own Triangle.com for their customer loyalty/points program. They were (in)famously opposed to e-commerce until smarter minds in a management prevailed, eh.

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