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Domain investing education – DNW Podcast #386

Michael Cyger talks about selling DNAcademy and what it could mean for domain investors.

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In his first interview since selling DNAcademy to GoDaddy, Michael Cyger talks about how the deal came together and, more importantly, what it could mean for domain name investors. We also discuss how GoDaddy is working on tools to help domain investors, and a tip on pricing your domains to increase sell-through rates along with a test the company is currently running.

Also: Earnings reports, UDRP mistakes, Swedish investment, Escrow.com deal

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  1. Paul Nicks says

    Awesome interview, Mike’s been incredible here. A real asset to the community within GoDaddy

  2. marijuanadelivery says

    Thank you for another fine show Andrew. I really enjoyed this interview with Mr. Cyger. As a long time GoDaddy customer with more than 5000 domains, I look forward to seeing how is new role with GoDaddy help me become a better domain investor.

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