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End user domain sales up to €150,000

A drone marker, a geoscience research institute and a water plan builder bought domain names.

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Sedo’s top public sale this week is a Germand ccTLD that sold for six figures.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Termin.de €150,000 – This domain forwards to termine.de, the site for an upcoming automated calendar system. Termin means “meeting” in German, and termine means “events”. I suspect that these are used one and the same, but one of our German readers can chime in.

Zexa.com $25,000 – World Scan Project is developing robots and drones, and is digitally archiving ruins and the natural environment using drones and 3D scanning robots. Perhaps this domain is for one of the products or companies it is developing.

Inzpira.com €10,000 – The buyer has uploaded a logo to the site but nothing else. Fun name, but I think it fails the radio test.

GFZ.de €7,500 – GFZ is a German geoscience research institute.

LuckyKennels.com $6,000 – The buyer, Brand Elements, LLC, is setting up a Shopify store on this site. I assume it’s for pet products.

OCJ.org $6,000 – Oregon Consumer Justice, which says it fights for consumers, forwards this domain to its website at oregonconsumerjustice.org.

Novoform.com $6,000 – Novoform, which sells Danish home goods, bought this domain and forwards it to its website at NovoformDesign.com.

DiabetesReversal.com $5,000 – LifestyleRx, which promises to reverse type 2 diabetes, forwards this domain to its website.

Abono.es €4,999 – Abonoteatro (Spanish for “Theater Pass”) sells cinema passes. It forwards this domain to abonoteatro.com.

Swappie.pt €3,999  – Swappie sells refurbished iPhones. It forwards this domain to the Portuguese page on its swappie.com website.

PumpenWartung.de €3,647 – This domain forwards to the website for Walter Fiedler, which builds water plants and provides services to the water industry. The domain translates as “water maintenance”.

Grandcaribbean.com $3,010 – This is a fun one. It forwards to poolsuite.net, a decidedly 80s-style computer game or 90s-style website. I have no idea who is behind this but it seems like a cool marketing stunt.

Smarto.de €2,000 – Smarto provides cloud e-commerce software.

Ginn.group $2,000 – Real estate developer Ginn Group forwards this domain to its website at GinnGrp.com. Another company owns GinnGroup.com.



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  1. Alexander Schubert says


    I am native speaker. People would say: “Ich habe einen wichtigen Termin Morgen”, which is “I have an important appointment tomorrow”. You might schedule a “Termin” with a doctors office or business partners, but not really in private. It’s something you would put in your notebook or Outlook appointment scheduler.

    Termin is singular and Termine is plural. There is no real difference in the meaning between both other than singular/plural. You might label the person you are about to meet as “Termin”, so that would be a distinction between singular/plural. A bit like with “appointment” and “appointments”.



    (Selling mf.com for US$950k, premium escrow included, fixed price, Crypto welcome)

  2. Logan says

    Poolsuite.net is a company that sells Vacation brand sunscreen. Their marketing ethos is the 1980s, thus the funky website. There’s a link off to Vacation.inc that talks about their sunscreens. Good poolside music!

    • Logan says

      Actually, the Poolsuite.net website says the date today is April 20, 1997, so that is the vibe they are going for, not the 1980s, per se.

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