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International Olympic Committee wins Olympics typo from “Mike”

The Olympic rings
The International Olympic Committee won a typo domain in a UDRP.

I got a chuckle reading a UDRP the International Olympic Committee (IOC) just won.

The IOC filed a cybersquatting claim against the typo domain olypmics .com. The domain owner didn’t respond and it was a straightforward case for the World Intellectual Property Organization panelist.

What made me laugh was the respondent’s identity. Usually, you’ll see a few details about the registrant, such as their company name or full name, followed by a specific location. But this UDRP merely states:

Respondent is Mike, Canada.

Ah yes, Mike from Canada. I know him well.

The IOC is a prolific UDRP filer and is generally successful with its cases. Recently, it won an important case for a 55-character domain with nine hyphens.

It doesn’t always win, though.

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  1. Lum Arifi says

    I am the owner of SuperOlympics.com and looking to establish an exhibitionist sport event called SuperOlympics.
    I have writen email two times to Legal department of IOC to give me an clear answer of SuperOlympics.com is Ok because I am not interested to go into conflict of interest or brakes Copyright rules.

    Not received any answer from IOC yet.

    • John Berryhill says

      If you are dealing with the IOC, you have to include a “gift” in your request. A nice watch, the keys to a sports car, or an appropriate amount of cash is customary.

      • Lum Arifi says

        What you mean with that John. Can you explain more cose I am not understanding. What I have understand is that you meaning that I need to offer something to him or otherwise ,!!

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