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Interesting data in the 2022 Global Domain Report

The annual report includes primary and aftermarket domain data.

Sedo and InterNetX released their annual Global Domain Report today. Clocking in at nearly 70 pages, the report contains interesting data about the domain market (both primary and secondary) last year.

I recommend reviewing the entire report, but here are some interesting takeaways.

Buy Now

More and more domain transactions are taking place without any negotiation. 72% of Sedo’s sales last year were Buy Now, up significantly over the past decade.

Chart showing percentage of Sedo sales over time that are buy now sales. It started at 30% in 2011 and goes up to 72% in 2021.

While most Buy Now sales (and all sales for that matter) are for three or four figures, there are some nice five-figure sales in Buy Now. Sedo’s top public Buy Now sales last year were safemoon.com for $67,554, homesome.com for $59,999, and flow.me for $58,925.


Sedo’s syndicated sales system generates a growing share of Sedo’s sales each year. 44% of sales last year were through the MLS network, and the rest were through the Sedo marketplace.

Some of the MLS sales are quite large. Two public MLS sales last year were over $100k: copymarkets.com at $178,095 and nutun.com at $125,000. These transactions were initiated in SedoMLS but were negotiated (not Buy Now).


Starting on page 19, you’ll find a breakdown of country code registration numbers by region with highlights for particular ccTLDs.

This includes the number of domains registered per 100,000 inhabitants. That gets a bit out of sorts for countries with repurposed TLDs and free ones, such as .tk at 1.5 million registrations per inhabitant. .Tk is for the island nation of Tokelau, and registrations are free.

Sedo is based in Germany, and the country is the second-biggest buyer at Sedo behind the U.S. 60% of the domains Germans buy on Sedo are .de domain names.

Here’s another surprising thing: Sedo’s top sale last year was a ccTLD. It was the most expensive ccTLD sale ever at Sedo. It’s under NDA, so we don’t know the domain or the price, but it was more than the $2 million paid for Sedo’s top public sale last year, Angel.com.

New top level domains

New TLDs gained momentum last year. We all watched .xyz take off, and that was Sedo’s top new TLD by unit volume. It was followed by .online, .app and .shop.

227 different new TLD extensions sold at Sedo last year, up from 125 in 2020.


Here are a few other things to note from the report:

  • The InternetX keyword trends data on page 36 shows what people search for at the registrar.
  • The median sales price at Sedo was $350. I believe it counts expiry in this number, but it’s clear that Sedo handles many low-priced domain sales. You can see the median and average by TLD on page 59.
  • A total of 362 different TLDs were traded at Sedo.
  • Domain sales at Sedo were up 15% year over year.

Download the report here.

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    Does one has to do any tweaking like changing the keyword or change the sale landers to maximize the sales or just put the ns1/2 sedoparking is good enough?

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