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Latest end user domain name sales up to $205,000

An American football team, a payments service and a jobs site bought domain names.

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Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

CyberSecurityJobs.com $205,000 – This domain is an upgrade for Netzen Solutions Ltd, an IT services company that operates CyberSecurityJobs.net. The .net now forwards to the .com.

CERP.com $14,000 – CERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system for small and medium businesses.

HexagonTrading.com $10,000 – Hexagon Group AG is a merchandising, marketing, and logistics firm founded in 2018.

PhotoMasters.com €6,500 – A photography education company changed its name from Shuttermonkeys to Photo Masters.

Wunschkennzeichen.online €6,000- Kennzeichen Services GmbH in Germany bought this domain. This domain translates to “license plate” in German.

Crecia.com €5,000 – Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd sells household paper products like tissues and toilet paper. It uses the domain crecia.co.jp.

Prime-Capital.com $4,995 – Prime Capital Management in Hong Kong acquired this domain.

PhiladelphiaStars.com $4,900 – USFL Enterprises, LLC, which is starting a new football league this year, acquired this domain for its Philadelphia team.

BudPay.com $4,000 – BudPay is a payments company that helps startups and small businesses accept payments from nearly 200 countries.

FineCare.eu €3,750 – FineCare is a lab testing system.

Meeting.digital $2,800- Images Pro is a French firm that helps stream live events.

Version-originale.fr €2,450- This domain forwards to v-originale.com, the site for a coaching service.

iKnowThat.com $2,400 – iKnowThat! will be an online education platform.

PiSquare.com €2,100 – Pi Square is an anonymous artist. I can’t tell if their paintings are IRL or NFTs because the site links to Rarible.

Chai.xyz $2,000 – Chai says it’s a decentralized money market on the Boba network.

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