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Sedo two letter domain auction results

A two letter .org domain takes the top spot.

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Sedo’s two letter domain name auction ended this morning (PST).

None of the valuable two letter .com domains got much traction, with top bids of just above $100,000. The two letter .com domains had $1.0-$1.5 million reserves.

There was some action at the lower end. I tracked final prices for everything that closed above $500. Here’s what I recorded, but don’t take these as official :

pp.org $21,000
ti.co $10,999
zj.org $9,100
zs.org $8,000
ia.ai $7,069
av.ai $5,500
qj.de £5,000
hd.xxx $3,301
up.is £2,855
en.eu €2,550
nx.uk £2,549
eq.eu €2,450
pq.nl €2,350
nb.at €1,049
we.inc $,1049
lg.be €960
vj.at €749
cy.at €700
tz.be €560
ai.inc €558
zr.ae $551
ip.inc $509

Ia.ai is a fun palindrome domain name. There aren’t many of these out there. Av.ai is an interesting one because av can stand for audiovisual. Hd .xxx saw lots of activity late. And, while a couple of .inc domains sold, they sold for below the annual registration cost!

A handful of new TLDs sold for below $500, including xl.luxury, ft.style, jb.chat, ny.movie, ww.football. Most two letter domains in new top level domains have premium renewals.

The next big auction on Sedo’s radar is a Great Domains auction. Submissions are now open.

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  1. Mike says

    I wonder how the downturn in Crypto Currencies affects Domain prices, given that I think a lot of domainers invest in Crypto and vice versa ?. Just wondering.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      It could have an impact on it. Not just crypto, but stock prices. It could especially hamper demand from Web3 companies if fewer launch. We’ll have to see how this plays out longer term.

  2. Mansour says

    Only 2 letters Domain owners who has lousy domain participated in their auction
    I tried to put my domain io.net in the auction with a reserve of $99k which is similar to an offer I received in 2019 it was refused by sedo.com saying that I should reduce the reserve price and they end up putting garbage domain maybe they can learn from that and do not restrict the owners to decide.

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